Intro Video for Mythica Authors

For Mythica Authors_2 from Peter Fae on Vimeo.


To all the current aspiring Authors of the Into the Mythica project, here’s a brief video and overview on how we’re telling our Stories, meant to help us all Remember that we live in a magickal World, and to learn and showcase the techniques that we use to transform our consciousness and our lives!

As always, everything in the Mythica is interlinked, so feel free to check out the Physics of the Quest or the Atlas of Stories while you’re on the website, and contact myself or Joshua Faust as we are constantly expanding.  I look forward to hearing more about your excellent Stories as we prove the Journey Home and embody the Heaven on Earth that is our birthright 🙂

– Peter Fae

And, as promised, an example of a Story, told by Joshua Faust, in the Adobe Page format …


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