Temples of the New Earth


There is a sanctity emerging.  An inner rise to come back to alignment with the Land.  With the sacredness of our relationship with Gaia.  The old forms of worship and delight fall to compost, giving birth to new Ideas, evolved interpretations of the sacred.  Such is the valorous action of the emergent Age, whose avatars are transforming the shape of the Age.

In my travels across the Mythica, I have encountered many avatars whose signature sang the tones of the deva.  Of the elemental planes.  Working in a sanctity with the natural Worlds to sow the seeds of the new paradigm.  It was nest 1during my jaunt to Elphinstone, amongst the elves, that I encountered Delvin Solkinson, a champion of the Green.  And then, at the Tribal Convergence, to Nature Dreamweaver, creator of the New Earth Sacred Temples, the “Nest”.

Immediately we resonated, I saw him as a guardian of the deva, like myself, bringing his magick, his sacred sanctuary, as balm for the People.  A potent reminder of the True nature of Nature.

In the beginning and the end, it is the Land that gives us sanctuary.  Whose natural emanation heals us, bringing us back to awareness of our roots.  When we engage in activities with the Land, when we recognize the sacred, we transform ourselves, and in this, transform the planet.


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