The Emergent Garden and our Collective Transformation

There is an emergent world of real magick and wonder, existing at the crux of our being and possibility of its own embodiment. The new world wants to happen through us. As we receive the codes of the new earth from the sacred land we then pollinate out across the world the appropriate information relative to the awakening. This is coming from the land itself, from the consciousness of Gaia, of which we are Avatars, golems made of her very elements wrought to fulfill specific functions inside an interconnected web of our shared awakening.

By tapping into the information that wants to come through us from Source, we step into the sacred flow of Destiny. The best way I have found to do this is through the inner clearing work, the practices. This is clearing the lens of perception so as to receive the grace that wishes to be revealed. Because, if the truth is that God is Good, that Nature is Abundant, than it is a matter of the shrouding of our awareness relative to our circumstance and manifestation that we do not see the benevolence beneath the Path. By clearing we can step into the wonder that is our birthright.

Recognizing that patterns are reoccurring within the elements of the Prism of Self, that the very elements that we are made of are wrought to specific qualities and patterns, occurring in either redeemed or defiled qualities. This requires deep clearing work, to really rework the patterns. To reattune with Nature. To redeem our portion of the distortion for the Collective.

This is playing out collectively. Such as relative to the redemption of the relationship between the masculine and feminine. Yet, this is relative to the qualities of consciousness within the collective self, that then plays out archetypically in our inward processes and relationships. If we were to track out the synchronicities in this particular pattern-work of the redemption of this pattern we will see that there is an entire pantheon of Avatars devoted to that very redemption. That are wrought, elementally, to fulfill that function, relative to this Age and the transition into greater luminance and enlightenment as we Awaken.

We are part of something much larger than our individual selves. A grand Orchestration of divine intent and natural law, effortlessly organizing as the circumstances of our shared realities. Only when we attune to this force is it made know to us. We must awaken to our own inherent divinity and step deeper…into the Mythica.

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