The shape of Orion

One of my great Galactic kin is the lightbirnger Orion. We met in the sacred halls of Onedoorland in 2012 …

Orion occurs for me as a great thing of living Inspiration; of Light and substance.  She is the creator of the Inspirates and a massively talented artist; serving as a Muse for blossoming artists and mothers.  I cannot speak highly enough of her intentions; her perceptions; the sheer immensity of brightness that she emanates into the places that she comes.

Of the many avatars within the Mythica; Orion truly understood the concept and the expansive of this network of living Story from the beginning.  And, as I returned to the Shire on the Mythica’s maiden voyage across the realms; it was Orion, as well as Sean and Keval and others; who immediately recognized that our time had come; that the means of bringing our Voice to the World was ready.

Orion can be reached here; in the Mythica.


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