The Temple of Agape

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What things look like on the surface of our awareness and what they appear as in the subtle dimensions of the Real World of the Mythica are often vastly different.  We must always remember that what things appear as is merely the current incarnation, wrought to the dimensions of the Age and the appropriateness of it’s placement.

I had the opportunity to revisit the Temple of Agape recently, where I received a beautiful sermon from avatar Beckwith regarding Giving and Humility being the fulcrum of Power.

As I left the Temple, I turned and looked at the edifice.  Such a drab thing, from the outside, on the surface.  Yet beneath, in the fields of the Mythica, a different thing entirely.  Here, the temple shone with radiant Light, the flushness of the rainbow bridge passing through it’s environs as a beacon to the People that they could live in a bright, better World.

It was a beautiful sight, and I was thankful yet again for my attainments.  God’s Gift to me, to See the Real World that lay beneath the shifting impermanences of the surface plane.

Share the Magick!

Share the Magick!