"Festival of Wounding"

There are always challenges on the quest.  Distortions from the love and inclusion that lay at the center of our hearts.  The path is riddled with trials, shadows and difficulties.  Yet beneath these things lay a pattern.  Our piece in the much larger story, a collective journey to clear the distortions from our inner world such that we may live in a more heavenly earth.

The first real divination into the challenges that awaited my timeline through the Akasha happened in New York city as I accompanied the Faerytale Brigade to a gathering devoted to the recognition of one’s pain.  It was early, so early on the quest, and I was just beginning to feel the edges of what I was wanting to achieve with my photography.  Yet while my self moved through a pendulum of madness and majesty, some larger force moved through me still, witnessing photos of divinations that would prove instrumental in the days to come.

It’s funny to look back on the photos that I was ordained to witness at the earlier part of the Quest. To see the why of what I was drawn to from the context of the Now.

Diving into the Worlds of New York City, I found myself joining the Faerytale Brigade at a gathering called ‘The Festival of Wounding’. 

We gathered for the event at the home of Burke and Tara Lee. I always liked the place, it was quirky and magical, the lines of Story weaving in and out of it’s substance in leathery filaments of light.

Entering the Space

2002-4-13 - The Festival of Wounding-11

There was a majesty to it.  A thing I saw revealed in the light and motion.  It was a feeling.  A subtle sensation that had moved through my form, one that reached for a portrait that revealed the magic within.

Lights in the Linoleum - The Bathroom of God

Yet even through this chaos, what would grow to become the siddhi of story was present. As I wandered through the murky tiles of the bathroom, I looked down, and shot a photo of the reflected light casting illumination from beneath the smeared mud upon the floor.

In that moment I had a revelation. A recognition of the many footprints of humanity, the confusion and flowing pain strokes on the surface of the world, had a light beneath them. A constancy beyond the many marks in the sand.

Later, much later on the quest I would come to see the nature of the collective wound that was our shared suffering, to see in the reflection beneath the muddy linoleum of flourescent light the Divine luminance that lay beneath our many, many stories.

As I write this from nearly twenty years in the future, I see the nature of the Akasha unfolding.  How the reflections in the field were already happening, how I was led by a Divine inspiration to witness photos that would later reveal their purpose to me.  To show me the purpose of the hurting that myself and everyone else was going through, revealing the essence of suffering in the modern Age.

There is great magic in knowing this.  In recognizing that magic can happen for us anywhere, arriving at the crossroads of the inner and outer world.

Perhaps in a premonition of those same difficulties to come, I snapped a photo of myself in the mirror, darkly amused by the question of my own competence in the earth plane.  Such was a real issue, one that would take me decades to comprehend or digest for the truth was – I did not feel safe.  Nor did I have any faith in my ability to manage that safety.  Awash in the constant emotional storms and flickering light, I harbored a deep fear that I would somehow never find my way past the muddy distortions to the light within, that I would not be able to support myself in the world.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

James Vogel
Burke Hefner
Veronica Varlow
Zina Brown