"The Garden Island"

One of the first expressions of the principle that there is a purpose to our lives occurred for me early in the Quest in 2002 ….

After receiving the vision at Pacha Mama to take the workshop in ‘Huna shamanism’ from Serge King, I find my way to the island of Kauai for the first time.  It is  a time of great initiation, where I receive a Quest from the Divine Goddess herself to document my Path, witnessing my journey of synchronicity to reveal the real magical World.

The Huna Technique

2002-10-2 - The Garden Island-1

The technique of Huna style magic is so familiar to me, resonating with my elemental relationship with what they call “the Aina”, the spirit of the Land.  Moreso I am told it is a way of regarding one’s mystic path as an adventure which resonates deep within my heart.

The Sacred Talkstory

As part of their tradition, the white magicians share talkstory with me, expressing the nature of their Stories as we invoke the elements on the beaches of the sacred island.  

The Sacred Talkstory


As part of their tradition, the white magicians share talkstory with me, expressing the nature of their Stories as we invoke the elements on the beaches of the sacred island.

There is magic here.  Ancient power.  It sings from the beaches and the oceans.  In honor, I bring out my fire-sword, adding the magic of Fire to the mix in dance and light, moving my feet and mind in rhythm to the flickering.  It is a bright magic, and while I had not considered it at the time, the sigil of the Dragon is present, a harbinger of things to come along the Path.

Even now, at this early point in the quest, I had a sensation that there was a relationship between the elements of the land and the people.  That there was a connection between the very substance of the island and the people who walked upon it.  Just as I was wielding Fire, others were strong with Water, with Air, or the Earth.

The Aina & the Mana

There was a communication here.  A kind of message or meaning that whispered at the edge of my senses.

It isn’t a solid thing. More of a feeling. A knowing, moving through the marrow of my being. I can taste what she says to me, a revelation tickling at the edges of my perceptions. In which my photography will become my documentation, golden breadcrumbs helping me to navigate my way through the madness and majesty of my Worlds.

As I wander through the forest, I continue marking my divinations with the camera. Witnessing photos of the ways in which the Land speaks to me, revealing faces in the trees and the stones, whispering in the language of the elements.  Everything is magical.  Everything has significance.  A snake looks out of me with a fade made of bark, the leaves flutter in the wind of remembrance.
There is a vastness to the recollection. To being an Author in 2022 looking back on the events of the quest. Seeing the roots of the patterns which have blossomed into the understanding of the Tree of Life over time. Here, the photos serve as markers not simply for the past, but for the present, revealing the underlying mystical truths that came to me along the way. A photo is witnessed of me, standing next to the massive rootwork beneath one of Kauai’s upturned trees. While I had not considered it deeply at the time the photo happened, there is a sense from the present that speaks volumes.

Closing Ceremonies

This idea of Ohana, of family, feels strong to me.  Resonant.  It is a feeling I feel amongst the hearts of the people, held aloft in the nimbus of elements that I feel all across the island.

Journey to Kalalau

As we approach the trail I gaze upwards and see a natural gateway made of leaves, the stones beyond stretching upwards into the unknown.  For me it is the crossing of a threshold, a willingness to embark upon the journey into what lay ahead, and I move forward into the depths.

Deeply resonant with the scent of the mountain elf’s soul, we hear about a mystical valley called ‘Kalalau’ on the northern coastline of the island …

Together, the mountain elf and I make our way along the Na Pali coastline trail, towards the mystical valley we have heard called ‘Kalalau’.

I feel this threshold again as we cross the running river.  A sense that I am moving through something,, a thing which lay somewhere in the ocean of sensations only starting what will be a twenty-year journey of clarity.

A vision comes to me on the trail as I look at the shape of the leaves outlining the trunks of the trees. It looks like an eye, as if the land herself is looking at me along the way.  Looking back, this idea of looking through the surface of things into that which lay beneath will stay with me along the quest, informing the idea that there are worlds beneath the world.

Avalon Fringe

In need of lodging, I am led to rent a house on stilts deep into the Wainiha valley which I name “Avalon Fringe”, denoting it’s status as an outpost of Avalon on the very fringes of the jungle.