“Divination & Discernment”

“Studying the Mystic Arts”

2005 – “Academy Year II”

My studies at the Academy continue as we go deeper, advancing from the normal deck of playing cards to the Rider-Wait tarot. Here, LeFaye shares the mechanics of her technique of using three decks in conjunction to divine the substance of a circumstance.

As a general rule, we would combine the Rider-Wait with the Druid Animal Oracle and the Healing with the Faeries deck by Doreen Virtue.

Such were times of great effort and education, where we would practice the arts of divination as they channeled through LeFaye and the Watery style of her teaching.

As a trio, Lady Ash, Cassandra and I continued to meet weekly, studying the arts of Divination and the magic of the Moon with LeFaye, either at the Academy as it existed in Tahoe City or atop Echo Summit in the southern territories of the lake.

Beyond the regular time of our agreed-upon sharing, I would spend endless hours with LeFaye, sharing and discussing the magic with the only being I’d met who could really meet me in those realms. Regularly, I would cross the stream behind her house that led to the faerie roads, running and playing amongst the great granite stones of the summit with the two wolfhounds that were always by her side.

When we first started studying the arts of divination, LeFaye showed us how to use a regular deck of cards, explaining that this was the place from which the tarot first evolved.  Here I learned how the progression of the numbers on the cards was associated with the progression through the human experience itself …

Candles & the Moon

As a newcomer to this plane of existence, the Academy represented my coming to understanding as to the nature of Nature, herself.  Here, I learned about the cycles of this world, about the way in which the seasons of life circled around again and again, forming the basis of the mortal plane itself.

It was a very elemental form.  One which used the most basic of elements, dancing with the cycles of the Moon to bring our intentions into fruition.

From now, it is challenging to describe how the process of my integration was at the Academy.  The ways in which I came to recognize my own savant nature, to find resonance in the mystical arts amidst a hail of tumultuous emotions and incomprehension, where my shape continued to shift from one realm and another.

Characters Appearing

Evon Eisenberg
Cassandra Banks

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