“Forests of Faerie”

“Dancing with the Deva”

2005 – “Academy Year II”

2005 - Dancing with the Deva

“The Puppy Run”

During my time at the Academy, one of my greatest joys was running through the forest with the wolf-hounds Mesoon and Tonkay, shadow-furred allies who were my close friends and confidants.

We would play a game we called the ‘Puppy Run’, where we’d discover an endless training ground of earth connection provided by the deva of the mountain

2005 - Dancing with the Deva - Visions of the Mountain

There was something so primal about my sojourns into the faerie woods behind the Academy.  Here, I would leap from rock to rock, feeling the angles and the gravities of the movement as I ran and rushed about with the wolfhounds.  I would play games with the deva, envisioning that the ground was lava, and I could only step upon the rocks or on a stick (but only for a moment before it sank into the lava), exploring my own playground of relationship.

It was a deeply shamanic experience.  One where the intelligences of the deva played out in graduated levels of difficulty, transmitting ideas to me about how I could work with the land in any number of ways, where I danced in a sacred dialogue with the elements of the world.

2005 - Dancing with the Deva - The Twin Trees

There was a significance to the mountaintop in the human world as well, for a great trail moved through it from settlers of the past.  There were places, locations closer to the trail itself where I would find bits of metal, rusted chunks of ancient machineries and the lingering voices of travelers long-since departed.

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