“The Ashland Shire”

“Journey to the Shire”

2009 – “Faerie Roads”

I must leave the mountains.  I resolve to follow the trail of my kinbrother McLain to a place called ‘Ashland’ in the northwestern territories of the Americas.  It is a journey along the northern roads, deeper into the Earth plane.  Along the way, I pass through Berkelee, to the side of the City of Clouds, to draw energy from one of the temples of Story.  Such was part of my mythos. 


The Winter Masquerade of Faerie

2009-2-11 - Journey to the Shire - Winter Masquerade

The Hot Springs

Leaving Tahingaard – The Northern Road

After the events of the Winter Masquerade, it is clear that I must head northwards, leaving the sanctuary of the Tahoe mountains to follow these avatars of Faerie deeper Into the Mythica ….

Here my sense of the underlands continues to deepen.  There is significance in my heading along the northern roads into the winter season.  A recognition that I am moving from the realms of air and fire into one made more of earth and water.  It is my sense that as I make this movement, I will gain more affinity for the earthen aspect of the Circle.


The Wellsprings

2009-2-11 - The Winter Road-43

It is here McLain showcases the land to me, where I see gardens and intentional geometries, a sense of intention and thickening magic there upon the landscape of the Wellspring.


Characters Appearing in this Episode

Noah McLain
Jeff Behrends
Ingrid Edstrom

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