"The Vedic Realms"


At last, I arrive in the towne of Crestone, Colorado. It is a mystical place, considered by many to be the crown chakra of Gaia, opposite the Himalayas upon Gaia’s elemental skin. It is a potent place indeed, where 23 or more ashrams and stupas have been constructed upon the ley of the land.

I see it’s majesty. The energy is subtle yet potent, glimmering across the landscape of the Mythica. A place where the surface and subtle planes meet, embodying the landmarks of the real magical world across the skin of Gaia.

It is cold here. Necessary, to cool the Fires raging within my form. Led here by the invitation fo Lady Cedar, this is my first movement into the Vedic realms, and will end up as a place of major movement into my ongoing inquiry as to nature of my self and it’s function within the Earth plane.

The Sands of Remember


Here, I got to share with a trio of young boys the Elphinstone Coat, a real magical item crafted in the elven realms that I was led to while applying the magic of traveling at the Academy of the Ancient Arts. 

When I told them the Story, their eyes widened. The energy shifted and opened. I could sense the vibrations changing, anchoring their recognition. For those kids, it was the myth of meeting a genuine mystical adventurer with his wolf on the Path, and being shown a magic item crafted by the Master Shaper of the elf lands.


Here I asked myself the question once more, Why i I built the Mythica? What was the purpose, beyond my own healing, of the Quest? 

And here it was.

Despite the agitation I was experiencing on the Quest and the drift across the realms that defined my journey, THIS was my bliss. *This* was my purposing. The purposing beneath the witnessing of wonder.

Stupas and Sanctuaries

There were many temples and places of potency here. Among them, the Goddess is worshipped, made of places aligned with the flow and function of the land. It is one of my first arrivals into such a realm of the akasha, occuring in the underlands of the Mythica as what it is, a mystical towne nestled within a mountainscape of a dragon’s spine, flush with the energies of Gaia’s pulsing heart.

In the Mythica, I see that this is a realm where seekers travel. Where I am transitioning, going through the journey of healing. Within, I am still feeling burnt and imbalanced in the element of Fire. Come to receive the healing of pancha karma from Lady Cedar and to learn the nature of what is called ‘ayurveda’ in the mortal plane.


The Pancha Karma


What comes next is one of the most significant moments on the quest, where through the process of Pancha Karma I come into a new revelation, an understanding of the nature of my self and it’s place and purpose within the material plane.

As I always had been on the journey, I was resolving the difference between my elemental awareness and the forms and approaches of the Commonwealth.

Ayurveda was interesting to me. During my years at the Academy, I had anchored the understanding that all things were made of the primal elements, the natural intelligence of the deva that sang beneath the stones. Here, I witnessed a whole system of alchemy based on the relationship with that liminal aspect.

Listening to Lady Cedar’s tales of her training, a wash of impressions moved across the akasha. As I had encountered so many times, my naivety into the material plane had caused me to assume that all beings shared my relationship with the natural World. Here, in the Ayurvedic texts, the difference became more clear. Beings entered the subtle arts from their current point of reference, and mine lived in the Mythica.

The inner questtion of ‘What am I?’, of the very nature of self itself and my attempt to discover my right-placement in the World was moving through me deeply. Such would prove to be intrinsic to the nature of the healing itself as I was exposed to the impressions of ayurveda, applying those to my elemental inquiry into the nature of being.

Once more, the symbol of the phoenix arrives on the Path, a repeated occurrence in the reflection of the Quest, that of constant transformation and rebirth, rising again and again from the Fire.

What am I?

The question of what I am and why my experience of reality seems so different continue to nag at me. Bending the protocol of only reading Ayurvedic textbooks, I find myself drawn to the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan …

Lines of the Dragon

Meeting the Grandfather


As part of the Pancha Karma prescription, Igo to a peyote gathering, where I feel hammered by the practices of the ritual and the drum, and need to go outside, to feel into the resonance of the wolf and the wilde before returning to the crucible.

A day after the ceremony I am still recovering, still feeling the reverberations of the peyote moving through my system. A hot spring lay nearby where I may cool off my nervous system, one flush with the presence of bats, classically considered a totem of rebirth.

The Water is so soothing. So balancing to the Fire that burns inside of me, cooling the edges of what was risen and cleared during the peyote ceremony. As I settle, feeling my awareness crystallizing into a new form, I see a pattern of light on the water, recognizing it’s configuration as an angelic deva, showing me the more clarified version of my own chakras.

Afterwards, he travels to the realm of the Bats and the Water, and cools himself down with the Water deva, while witnessing and receiving the voice of the angelic deva of light.

Something healed in me there. Something related to the Ley lines within and without.

Characters Appearing

Jeremy Anderson