“The Pomegranate Temple”

“The Pomegranate Temple”

2010 – “Lands of Enchantment”

I am led once more to the temples of Dance the modern Age, seeking to drop into the sacredness of my form through the motion arts. As always Here, I encounter the ladies of Pomegranate and the sacred priestess Myra Krien …

The name of the event – “Invading the Heart”.

The pulse is so strong here. The dancing, bringing me to ground. Reminding me of my sacred devotion to the Muse of Dance.

Temple of Dance - 1

And there is majesty in this. An array of sensations moves across my form as I witness them, as I am watching something ancient and new, shifting and changing with the textures of light.

Like always, my process with the photography is a mystical one, feeling the pulse and play of light as it moves across the field of my vision.

There is such a sense of the archetype of the priestess here, where I see Myra holding space for the ladies and their self-expression. As I witness the photos, the light reflects and refracts off their costumes, filling the space with the nimbus of gold.

Priestess of Dance

Characters Appearing

Myra Krien

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