“Gathering of the Rainbow Tribes”

“The Rainbow Gathering”

2011 – “Roads to Eden”

Diesel City


We arrive at the Rainbow Gathering.  Such is the first time I have been to such a realm, occurring for me in the underplanes of the Mythica as a nexus of Earth and Sky, a movement from one set of impressions to another within the realms of the Mythica …

As we enter the Rainbow City, we discover a collection of RV’s and campers arranged outside the main environment. Here, we dock both Jagara and Grey, setting up camp and making our way deeper into the territories

The Forest Path

2011-7-1 - The Rainbow Gathering-20

The Old World

2011-7-1 - The Rainbow Gathering-39

The Rainbow Realms


My gaze shifts into the Mythica, and I see North walking, the Great Wolf Spirit incarnate wandering in his rightful place amongst the forest.  The teacher of the law.

“Stars & Dragons”

2011-7-1 - The Rainbow Gathering-51

The Green Path

There is something so deeply magical about arriving in a moment where I can see the blessings of Heaven around the Brighthome.  Where the perfect timing of a confluence of circumstances revealed the subtle through the surface.

Yogis of Light

Shipping Out

As we gather our things to leave, I put the Masking Fae upon my face, feeling the essence of my avatar so strongly within the realms of the rainbow.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Hjeron O’Sidhe
Ciardha Vomalitez
Alexander Perrelet
Kate Hardeny

Call to Action - SIGN UP FOR THE MYTHICA  

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