"Island of the Gods - Part 1"

Angels Aligned

Following the vision to bring Akira Chan, Adelaide Marcus, Katie Rose and myself to the Island of the Gods, I fund the expedition as an invocation of what I know the Mythica is and will become.  While I am unaware of exactly what will transpire, I feel driven, led by something larger than myself to bring our quartet across the oceans …


Once again the principles of the Mythica prove true as we intersect in the airport with Christabel Zamor, a fellow avatar of the Awakening.  

Meeting the Allies

We make our way to the hotel.  As we do, we run into another ally, Cari Lila Star, who shares with us that she is invoking a project called the ‘Dream Awakening  Circus’ that she shares with my fellow bard of Faerie, Curly.

The Way of Water

The sense of the elements, of a form of healing that works deeply with the deva intelligences of the land itself, continues to pulse within me.  I receive the divination that we are to go to places of deep elemental energy, working a more expanded idea of the communion with Nature I have seen in both the practices of the Academy and the Misogi invocation as well as the elemental basis for Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.


The energy is flush as we descend the steps to the waterfall. I can feel the aina, the flush and texture of the deva, all around us. Beckoning us forward. Intrepid adventures on the journey towards a more heavenly Earth.

As we make it to the waterfall the intuition that led me to bring us to the Isle of the Gods becomes to unwind. I see how my raw elemental energies, tempered by the Academy and introduced to the misogi meditations with the kami (deva) are evolving. I am coming to understand that the healing is with all the elements, that the basic principle of clearing ourselves is a reunion with the Land of which we are made …

The Dream Awake

2012 - Island of the Gods - Clear 2

It is here, at the Clear cafe, that I discover the members of the Dream Awakening circus and have my first encounter with a being of light and love, her presence radiating across the ethers in a wash of Galactic luminance.  She calls herself “Anna Bliss” and our paths touch briefly ….

The Way of Earth

2012 - Isle : Island of the Gods - Part 1

To see Katie Rose kneeling before the endless waters of the Divine Feminine is deeply significant for me, for in my mindseye she is the embodiment of that thing, of that nurturing strength and intrinsic understanding of form, where what she appears as on the surface of the world is an expression of a much deeper archetypical thing.

I see the goddess that she is in this moment, that quality of earthen facility, of food and hearth and making that is so distant from my realm amongst the stars.


At this time, my access to the assets of consciousness continued to shift and change, with information pouring through me in what felt like flickering lightning.  Still, I was able to feel the energies of the aina, to feel the solidity of the earth deva herself and to sit, feeling into the essence of that invocation alongside Katie inside the earthen temple.

The Way of Air

Climbing the Mountain


The mysticism of the earth turning back to the Sun is not lost on me …


What strikes me so deeply is the movie of it.  The essence of the scene unfolding before my eyes in uncontrived witnessing, where I see Adelaide as the heroine that she is, working her own alchemies of transformation in communion with the rising Sun.


As she stretches backwards, I feel the energies of the Dawn moving through her, her pliable substance shifting and changing to fit the energies of the elements themselves.

The Dawn Butterfly

I continued to listen for the divination, as to where we were supposed to go and what we were supposed to witness.  It seemed a constant process, where I felt myself in an act of deep listening, scrying the field to hear why I was led to bring the pantheon of characters to the island. 

It was challenging.  This was the first time I had ever done such a thing after all.  Before I had encountered Akira Chan in the field I had no concept of what it meant to do video production, to organize one’s energies in such a manner.  While I felt it’s essence flickering within the field, my grasp on it felt nascent and unsteady.

This time, Adelaide invokes the totem of the butterfly, her Aspect passing it’s Gift out across the Creation.

It is a deeply significant thing, for I perceive myself witnessing a union between Adelaide’s shaping and it’s parallel upon the lens of the camera, reinforcing again my perception that we are the elements of the land made manifest.  That we are the Gods themselves.

Here, magic unveils, as Akira and I film bits of us performing what I begin to call ‘Deva Yoga’, beginning the crystallization of the understanding of our healing and it’s connection to the aina ….

The level of trash and refuse upon the sacred Land of the mountain is almost beyond comprehension for me ….

Temple of the Mother

It turns out that the Dream Awakening Circus is staying at a temple being constructed in devotion to the Great Mother. Here, I witness their Acro-yoga and other articulations, and see how such is the embodiment of the more collective yogas coming to form in the incarnate plane.


It is a wonderful opportunity for me to engage in what is called ‘devotion’ to the people. I can sense the sacred energies moving through the space, and am inspired to play flute as an honourific to the Mother Goddess, letting the sounds echo throughout, bouncing off the still statue of a buddha in the center.

We are given lodging alongside the Dream Awakening circus at the site of a temple in mid-construction, one devoted to the essence of the Goddess in all forms.

The Waters of Healing

Shaping Serpents

I witness Adelaide shapeshift again, the alchemies of the subtle vibrations that make up her being taking on the aspect of the Snake totem as I play flute for her in spontaneous expression and art.

The Way of Fire

As it happens, we are invited to a Fire ritual performed by a set of Balinese mystics, arriving in perfect timing as a balance to the energies of the journey.

Characters Appearing in this Episode