"Rise of the Water Phoenix"

Waters of Faerie

There is really so much intense magic that went on during the Rise of the Water Phoenix episode that I could only just touch on this in my behind-the-scenes notes.   Such involved a huge Opening into the realms of Water, the question of longing and resonance, tracking my faerie sister through the darkness, painting with light in Oberon’s Tavern and more ….

To come to the rivers of Faerie existing at this locus in the the realms is so beautiful. So blessed. It is a place of freedom, of innocence and virtuous transformation, aided by the radiant essence of the most fluid of elements, the Water of our mythos emerging from the undercurrent of our sacred selves.

Such is a portal to me, a movement deeper into the realms of Faerie, transforming our substance from the inside out in it’s grace.

One’s position changes so drastically when in the radiance of a shared realm. There, in the confluence of light, particular realms may be seen and experienced. We get to be a version of ourselves that is magical, connected, in resonance with the people and the land through which it moves.

The Faerie Market


The Scent of Faerie

I underestimate the effect of a potion which shifts my entire perspective on reality. Lost in the elemental planes, my already tenuous grip on the geography of the surface plane dissolves, and after a fruitless half hour of trying to recognize my vehicle within a 50 meter space.

This is not the first time I’ve ended up in such realms of being, nor will it be the last. Yet years of field work prevail once more, as I resolve to track my Fae sister through the darkness, following the threads of elemental energy which now dominate my point of view …

Yah … tracking Pearl’s scent through the Underlands when I shifted way far from the Commonwealth, even for Faerieworlds …

Tracking through the Depths

I had underestimated the power of the potion combined with the ambient luminance of the Faerieworlds.  As the medicine opened my senses, I was flooded, overwhelmed with Light.

In such deep realms, the landscape of the worlds simply dissolve, decipherable only in it’s most primal frequencies.  Here, even the ways of relating with the geography of the surface plane disappear, and one is left only with primal senses and their relationship with the True World.

After about half an hour of trying to find my van in a 50 meter radius, I realized my touchstone with the surface plane was gone, and that I was moving through the deep underlands, the elemental octaves of the Mythica herself.