"The Goblin Ball"

Life in the Shire continues as I work on my inner landscape in the sanctuary of David Lovere’s.  At one point, Oberon (Jordan Mackay) invites me to use my skill at witnessing with photography to document a gathering he is calling ‘The Goblin Ball’.

Entering the Ball

The magic of it was royal.  Like my ally Strider in the City of Angels, Jordan’s potency allowed him to create an entire world.  A portal between the vibrations of the Commonwealth and the Mythica.  Here, he held his own goblin court, one woven from the threads of his most-excellent heart and the children of Avalon who shared his remember.

It is a deep pleasure for me to be of service, as such appearing in the field fulfills the spellwork of the Mythica, to witness the avatars of the Magical World in their modern incarnation.  What better place than Oberon’s Tavern, where the many avatars of the Fae have gathered to share mead and music in the sacred hall?

I could feel Her then, thick in the air.

Faerie.  The dusk and lightning of the Homelands.  The place where Stories were born.  Bleeding through the octaves of the surface world like light through smoke.

My gaze turns to Lord Jordan, as he stands upon the bar and distills the wine of his words to the people.

These are some of my favorite photos.  True postcards from faerie where no effect was applied, no processing after the moment to illustrate the magic.  Here, I simply arrived at the moment when Graell and Luna simply appeared in fae luminance, their emeralds and purples almost a cartoon within the backdrop of the mortal plane.

Bards of the Ball

What fun! What majesty! The tribes of Avalon gather at the adventurer’s tavern, sharing their Story and Song across the realms! Such is a beautiful, beautiful expression of the threads of Scotland, of England and the ancient ways where the people dance and celebrate, given sanctuary and fellowship in this most wonderful of places.

There is something to watching the maiden dancing.  To feel the threads of the sisterhood, the mothers and crones that danced around her and the threadwork of the people that strikes me.  That sings of the tones of the Homelands.

The myths unfold before my eyes.  The maidens, the mothers and crones, the lords and knights and passers-bye.  I see the underlands and their weaving, stories living through us in the mortal plane.

For it is this thing.  It is this thing most true.  The place where the people meet, where they share their stories and their songs.  Where they dance, finding themselves in the spinning fabric of the Great Story.

It is all such a treat.  The colors, the lights, the way in which the camera plays beneath my fingers, I am flush with happiness.  A sense that I am fulfilling my purpose, honoring the world of magic and light that we share.

It is a brash thing, forceful with pressure and passion, with the rivers of emotion that drive beneath all of Jesse’s music.

Of course, no gathering amongst the Fae would be complete without Fooble the Dragon wielding himself into existence through McLain’s magic.

McLain refers to Graell’s outfit as ‘Seducsa’ ….

Like, my witnessing of her during my visit to the Goddess Temple, it is the dancing which strikes me.  The scent of mud and mirth that echoes in her footsteps …

Echoes of Scotland