"Victory's Last Ride"

The substance of the Mythica deeply reveals herself in this episode, where, following the lines of prophecy and divination, I make my way southwards, driving Victory on a mission to transform my relationship with money as divined by the seeress Kamala Easton such that I may survive in the Earth plane.

Repairs at Shasta


The Waters invigorated me, soothing the agitation I was feeling.  The question of what my true vibrational state was in regards to money, and what I needed to shift inside.  It was a strange thing.  The Mythica was the only thing I had ever been able to do, she was the gravity that I trusted absolutely to lead me forward …

Knights and Churches

As always, driven by the underlying inertia of the Mythica’s unfoldment, I follow the lines of synchronicity, leading me from the verdant fields of the Ashland Shire to the City of Clouds, known on the surface plane as ‘San Francisco’, there to meet with James Vogel and venture onward together.

At the time, James had been living on a bus within a gated parking lot down on 4th street in the city.  As both North and I could sleep within Victory, we made our way there, parking just across the street from the lot.

As I was resting, I heard a sudden banging on the outside door of the van.  Immediately, a vision moved across my mindseye – that of a knight, moving through the pouring rain, seeking sanctuary at a church.  Curious, I opened the door ….

Victory's Fall

Suddenly, something jars within Victory’s chassis, hard.

While I do not know how we shall resolve the issue, I take the opportunity to go deeper into what i’ve discovered in the Mythica, sharing it with James.  It’s a beautiful thing, where I feel that I am delivering on the promise that I had made so many years before, to bring the magic back to the world.

Allies in Faerie

It was a difficult moment, yet I was thankful to be away from the distorted vibrations of the ganja farm, reunited with my beloved wolf in the sanctuary of Victory.  I wondered at what we should do.  The money from the inheritance was wearing out, and I searched for a way to somehow integrate into the Commonwealth.

Yet again Faerie was with me, as I received an inspiration to contact Malakai Schindel, one of my fellows bards of the realm

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Gods of the Road

As I continue driving, it becomes deeply apparent that Victory, starting and stopping, grinding and shifting, is not going to make it much farther.  Scanning the roadway for some kind of repair shop, I am led to a sanctuary …


Here the Physics of the Quest prove themselves again. As I had taken on the job of trimming the ganja, I had no idea I was in the vicinity of Malakai, one of the Faerie Lords and a close ally. As I left the space, he meets me by the damaged vessel, offering sanctuary and solace for a night before I make my way westwards towards this ‘Fort Bragg’ …


Sanctuary of Tires


Limping Homeward

At that moment I just exploded.  A torrent of rage and frustration poured out of me, the string of synchronicities pouring what seemed like endless misfortune and difficulty onto my shoulders.

Drinks at the Tavern

I breathe a sigh of relief.  We had made it back to the Shire with my belongings intact.  To celebrate, we head to Oberon’s, sharing mugs of mead in honor of the adventure.

Characters Appearing

James Vogel
Amy Leipert
Malakai Schindel