2016-5-10 – “Brothers in Water”

In 2016 - Initiation, The Seed Within by Yeshua Lucis

Peter helps me retrieve a new tire so I may leave the Desert Oasis. This takes us much further into the Mythica than I had imagined, revealing our angelic kinship, we are led to the Gorge where we invoke the sacred waters, opening our wings to Eden.

This is a proof of the physics of the Quest, that support arrives when we need it.

Stranded at the village, I must find a way to replace my tire. Everyone I’ve reached out to wont follow through on helping. I’m feeling crushed, left in the cold by those I thought were my fellows. Finding my way to the Cloud, I encounter Peter Fae once again, sharing my tale.

“Brother, I feel you. Believe me, I know what that’s like.” His words carry weight of real truth, bringing solace. I ask him if he will help me.

“Of course I will!” He replies without hesitation, “This is what fellowship’s about!”

So we journey on to Taos to find a replacement, finding so much more than I had imagined, true fellowship, expansion and grace. I see just how divinely aligned our missions are, as we shift deeper into the Mythica.

Easily finding the replacement, we begin our journey back, when I have an intuition to go to the Rio Grande Gorge. Arriving to the magnificence of the sacred land, I feel my angelic aspect open, wings touching the tips of eden, as all this grace opens way. Following the winding path down into the gorge, we arrive to a wayshrine of water, soaking in the springs to invoke the spirits of the land for healing.

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This episode is part of ‘Initiation Into the Mythica’, which can be previewed and purchased in Storybook here


About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening in his tale, “The Seed Within”. He offers sessions of divination and healing, through the power of story mirroring and energetic awareness, learn more here.

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