2016-5-3 – “Initiation Into the Mythica”

In 2016 - Initiation, The Seed Within by Yeshua Lucis

Following the guiding vision, I am led to the roundtable by lady Krystleyez and first meet Peter Fae. I join him on the Quest to bring the Mythica to the world and become an Author, learning how document my movements across the Akasha and deeper into the real magical world.

The Alchemy of a Revolution in Love

After receiving the guiding vision, I look on my altar, where there lay a book called “A Revolution in Love”, I had received at the Imaginarium. Flipping it over to the back, there is a visionary art piece, “Alchemy” by Krystleyez, that perfectly encapsulates the essense of my current experience. That we are channels of divine energy that wishes to express itself through us as the creations of our life, grounding the heavens to earth as bodhissatvic angels in service to the Awakening.

Resting for the night, I make my way across the desert valley to help with a community project. Sensing a subtle pulse across the ley of the land, I follow my intuition to a neighboring homestead. Here, I encounter Krystleyez for the first time, arriving in perfect timing with the unfoldment. She gifts me a sticker of the very art piece laying on my altar.

I don’t have much time to talk. Returning back to the oasis, I am followed by a white wolf dog from the stead. After chopping wood and carrying water, sunset approaches. He hasn’t left, so I coax him to come back with me. He runs ahead and I wave him off, as I turn to walk back he darts in front of me and stops with a smile. He wants me to come with him. So I return with him, following him all the way to Krystleyez as he runs up and jumps onto her giving her a kiss. She invites me up to the deck of her cabin.

I share with her my story and latest download. She says, “You must know about the Mythica. Come with me tomorrow morning to the Cloud, I have a feeling we’ll encounter Griffon there.”

Meeting, we share a vision of the web of synchronicity that connects us all, and I learn that this place we meet is an intentional shrine to the leylines. Here, I see her Aspect as an emissary of the emergence, sensing that I am opening to a whole new world.

I was coming to see… We are all connected

The Meeting of the Roundtable

We travel to the Cloud Cafe the next morning. We sit at a roundtable, intersecting with Griffon, also known as Peter Fae, in perfect timing.

He shares with me his drive to bring the Mythica to the planet, a way of witnessing the synchronicities of our stories and deeper purpose for why we are here, to spread Awakening and bolster our voices in service to the new world.

The resonance was immediate, as an aura of destiny filled the air.

“I have come from the mountains to deliver the Mythica to the world. A platform for telling the story of our Awakening, of tracking the synchronicity and magic of our path.” He says, “You know, its perfect that we’ve all met at a roundtable. I see it as a reflection of the living mythos.”

“This is so aligned with the vision I’ve received for my life. Its like the real life version of the Celestine Prophecy.” I reply.

“It would be. Its no accident we’ve met here. More a matter of divine providence.”

“Before Krystleyez and I came, we shared a vision. That of a web of light that connects us all, that this is why we have these synchronicities.”

“Its true. I actually built the Mythica to map this out, to reveal the Great Story that connects us all….let me show you.”

He opens up a portal to reveal the Mythica.

“Wow, that’s amazing! So, its like a tree?”

“Well seen, she is a World Tree. A way of unveiling the magical world as it manifests through the physical world of happenstance. There are many stories, and they all connect. This is just the beginning of what it will become.”

“Wow! So you use your story as a model to show others the synchronicity and the moments of wonder?”

“I built the Mythica not just to show others, but to help myself remember, to counteract the drifting of my own consciousness so that I, and thus we, could see the context of the magical world more consistently, and thus live within it more constantly.”

He shows me the photos from his journey, a living proof of the magical world. He truly has been through so many realms.

As I witnessed the weaving of aka-threads that shown to the surface as the initial casting of the Mythica network, I knew it was the manifestation in the world of my very revelations.

It was then I felt us in the shared space as something much deeper, as two angels aligned in service to the divine.

“This is what I call the movement from the surface to the subtle, when transition into a deeper octave of our potential embodiment.”

He looks at me closely with a wild look, like he’s sensing into something, and suddenly proclaims with a wide smile, “You are one of the elvish! You should come to the realms of Faerie to meet my brother bards.”

An invitation I’ll never forget.

“You could become an Author for Into the Mythica, tracking your sacred path along the way.” He offers with a smile, as if he could read the contents of my soul and the purpose that was destined to blossom through me.

“Its destiny. We’re like Angels Aligned.”

”Oh! Hold on… check out my coat from Mount Elphinstone, enchanted by a northern elvish shaper.”

Our journey continues as Peter invites me to join him to the Cosmic Carnival, a sacred gathering in the woods north of the City of Angels…

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Krystleyez, Peter Fae – @peterfae, Wonder Bob

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Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening in his tale, “The Seed Within”. He offers sessions of divination and healing, through the power of story mirroring and energetic awareness, learn more here.

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