2018-1-18 Echoes, the Dawn of Mu

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Led back to the Tiny Temple from the sanctum of the tent at Mandala Gardens, I follow through on some pieces of launching the initial episodes of the Mythica.

Flush with the washing tones of rainfall against a backdrop of silence, there a sense of space to just breathe into the offerings as I settle into the moment, just past the constant fluctuations of the gypsy realms.

Hailey Dawn

Looking to the door, Hailey Dawn suddenly appears without prior notice. I’m surprised to see her, but recognize it as part of the unfoldment of the Great Story. There is a magic in air, a mutual recognition of the divine serendipity that has brought our paths together.

Dreams collide in the Emerald City…

Months ago when we were in the Emerald City, Peter and I were led to a kava bar after working all day at the Temple of Story, appearing on the surface as a public library in Eugene. There, I went into a deep meditative space, holding the inner asana of listening for any guidance as to the access of the next octave of abundance. Hailey’s name came into my mind’s eye, leading me to contact her.

Immediately we fell into the grace of mutual gravity, an exchange that I wont forget. Feeling the resonances of story passing through each of our avatars in service to the Awakening, I shared with her then the purposing of the Mythica.

Sensing the vibrations across the subtle fields of the Akasha, I could scent the vitality of Maui in her aura, the emenation of the mother island and her impressions sweet upon the eithers.

She shared with me her talk story as a rainbow queen to help children see the magic and connect with the sacred land. I sensed then that our destinies were linked in the emergence of the New Story.

Kundra Rose

Peter and I were then led back to the library, where we were granted the space of a board room to have a business meeting on the marketing of the Mythica. Within our meeting, a window opened across the web as video chat to Kundra Rose, who shared that she had a dream about Hailey and I the night before we connected. She envisioned us as angelic orbs, sharing a powerful resonance that was meant to fulfill a mutual purpose for the planet.

Kundra let us know that she too was headed to Maui. Peter and I glanced at eachother, recalling that Dakota Chanel was to be there as well, another avatar of the emergence…and suddenly we knew we were meant to go there. Looking back from now, those threads in the grand weave have converged to the present.

Merkabas & Mandalas of the Tribe

It is revealed now that she has been brought here by Bruce, having had plans for another meeting that had fallen through. Yet again, the divine unfoldment brings us all where we’re meant to be to fulfill our part in the Great Story.

We burst into a sharing of the magical storybooks and tellings of the Mythica, as I reveal to them aspects of the journey through Mu and an episode from Faerie Worlds. It inspires a mutual recognition of the purposing that moves through each of us in service to the Awakening.

Bruce shares that the resurgence of the myths of magical beings are codes from an ancient civilization called Mu, who had access to those embodied aspects of consciousness. I bow to his emanation, witnessing the light code passing through his vessel in perfect confluence and context.

“Its perfect that you would share that,” Peter says, “As we have called this current landscape we are traveling across Mu, sensing the vibrations that I witness channeling through the many avatars. Having never been here before, I see us as carrying these impressions to serve our Story.”

It makes perfect sense. We are the facilitates for the emergence of the New Story, and thus the New Earth.

Learn more about this in Akasha Yoga

“We all come together to share these codes.” Hailey says.

“Exactly, we are moved around on the skin of Gaia to fulfill the will of the Presence.” Peter replies.

As I witness Hailey, I feel that she too is made of the faerie vibration. She shares of her faerie tale of a Rainbow Queen and Lightning King that are the archetypical embodiment of the redemption and lessons of the planet.

She then suddenly spurs into talkstory about a sign of the Tribe that manifested in her writing and then was thus confirmed by the creations of Nassim Haramein, as Bruce’s journey have coincided to help anchor the Grid of the New World.

The merkaba has always been a powerful sygil on my path. One that I’ve witnessed as a realmsign of my journeywalk to the new paradigm and has coincided with the realms of the galactic and of the djedi, marking posts between wayshrines, transformational festivals and eco-communities.

One of its major appearances on my path was at the Tribal Vision festival after I left the city of light of Sedona, once again encountering Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book “The Flower of Life.” There I read about the merkaba as an aspect of the energetic field, just before being led to an ‘Ascension Chamber’ where I recieved a merkaba activation from a Druidic priest bearing the resonant technologies. This would be the portal that would take me on my first trip to Crestone in 2015…

Its perfect that Bruce would arrive in the timeline, embodying the resonances and geomancies of the ancient future. His connection with the resonance projects of the reactivitating the grid and anchoring the codes of the new earth is absolutely appropriate, one of many avatars I’ve met that share this sacred task.

Learn about the Resonance Academy

It reminds me of my discovery of the Resonance Academy and their projects when I was in my hometown in the midwest. That shimmering tone of the bridging of the quantum understanding with the ancient geomancy, a code of light that would flash throughout my journey of Awakening, the Ancient Future and her many guardians.

Adam Apollo

Just like running into Adam Apollo at the Crestone Convergence Conference in the djedi realms of the change agents, one of the Resonance Academy’s architects and the creator of the Guardian Alliance. There we shared a primal song, that of the union of the Stars and the Earth, of the Galactic and the Fae.

Two djedi joined in the fate of worlds, paths intersected in service to a much larger Story…

Djedi of the Aina

They take leave as I am led back to the Aina to fill some earth back over the lines of ethernet to prepare it for use. It is a hearty task, requiring strength and dexterity. Though it is repetitive, with every movement I breathe into the mana and intentionally invoke gratitude. Old frustrations arise distinct from present circumstances, of greivences towards the earth plane and my connection with the community. As this happens, I move through forgiveness, watching the pallet of my inner sensation cleanse and open.

In tracking our journey to Heaven on Earth, we move across a subtle landscape. As an adventurer of the Mythica, I am clearing through the patterns that make up my manifestation to move into greater realms of abundance and grace. This is why I do the forgiveness, to transform the vibration I am embodying and thus my reality.

Josiah joins me, a young djedi I met the night before, adding his energy to the cause. We spoke about our favorite energy moves, which led me to asking him if he liked Dragon Ball Z, turns out he has a huge affinity. I loved that stuff too as a kid. It was perfect as Peter came over and it turned into a discussion about the real use and feeling of chi. So as Josiah was throwing energy at us, we were pointing out where the feeling tones were in the body and talking about the real use and understanding.

He really got it, and loved it. Once again today we were all united in working the land, and the same realm came through again. Bruce approached the door and asked Peter, “Can I get some help, master djedi?”

Clearing the earth for the lines to come through, it inspired this conversation between us about the wielding of chi and the realms of consciousness.

It was satisfying, to see that we helped affirm for Josiah what he was already feeling. That our powers are real, we just need to remember how to wield them, and often they’re much more subtle and beneath the surface of what seems to be than we see in the movies.

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