2018-8-11 – Livingwell

In Peter Fae - The Journey Home by peterfae

The New Moon emerges in the sky, initiating a wave of inspiration.  Deeply intent on reaching the Commonwealth, I work diligently on the form of the Mythica, listening and transcribing the narrative of the living Story.

James Vogel

The Architecture of Light

As I sit in my tent, a flash of energy blossoms across the Akasha.  It’s Vogel, preparing to make his pilgrimage out of the city of New York and into the Mythica.  As we connect across the ethers, flashes of Divine Light crackle across the underlands, casting the silouette of our mythical selves.

“I have a tight crew with me.  Ready to leave the city.  We’re heading towards San Fransico.  Ah, my brother, there’s so much I want to share with you!” He exclaims.

Waves of inspired fire wash through the akasha.  I get the sense of his movement, of the gravities and liquid pressures of his movement to the west.

Emissaries of Earth

Lady Ash (Evon Eisenberg)

Inspired by my communication with Vogel, I continue my weaving of the threads of the Mythica.  Ideas unfold through the akasha, the tone of the bardic opening the space within.  As I do this, a window opens, and I sense opportunity to connect with Lady Ash.

I wonder then, of the confluence.  The arrangement of characters around this point in the Quest.  At what they embody, in the octaves of the Mythica.

In a flash, I see the maidens. Each of them embodying an archetype of a more comfortable existence with the earth plane. Where the deep residence of the hearth and the scent of inspiration kisses me awake.

It is a gift greater than they know, and one that I wish to honour.  I shift my gaze to the Mythica, deepening towards the elemental planes.  The resonance is magnificent.  That this Moon Goddess would arrive, embodying my most favourite and delicious aspect of the Earth plane, is fine portent, reminding me of the union my Heart longs for.

I consider then, my right action. How I may move through the situation in the highest way.  Deepening the listening to my inner truth.

I continue my meditations, opening to the aerious of Livingwell and to the Earth-aspect of the Creation.  As I return from the path, a vision comes to me.  I see how so much of my light has been burdened by the negative.  How the shadow of doubt has dampened my inspiration.

The recognition of this is deep.  As my gaze clears in the Waters of Faerie, the shadows begin to dissolve.  I see, more clearly, what actually has been.  How much I have done, the quality of Peter’s character and the great intention of the Mythica.

It amazes me how much doubt I can have.  After all, I built the Mythica.  Filled her with stories to prove that we live in a Friendly Universe.  I’ve been blessed to train a magnificent apprentice who even now teaches me how to remember the parts of myself I had forgotten.

I breathe in, consciously.  Allowing myself to believe.  To trust that all things are working out in their perfect timing.

It is a very sobering experience, for I truly did not see how hard I was being on my self.  How much I was still in the realms of that subtlety of Shadow.

Invoking the Rainow Bridge

I invoke the rainbow bridge, clarifying my awareness through the self.  Searching for the place within the soma that holds this burden of doubt, this weird amnesia as to the true nobility of my accomplishments.

Hope fills me. In the radiance of opening, the shadows dissolve. I come to see how deeply I am in victory, and simply on the next step of this great healing.

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Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's site in the Mythica multiverse.

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