2018-8-23 – “Heart of Faerie”

Following the invitation to Faerie Worlds at Wynden Keep, Peter Fae and I journey with the Wyndens to Horning’s Hideout as the Myth Makers depart for Blackrock. It is beautiful to witness this as a modern port of the rainbow bridge between the realms. Driving through the winding roads of Oregon upcountry, we descend deeper into the forests I’ve never been before.

Arriving, we are unexpectedly granted VIP passes, allowing full access to the realm. We see it as a reflection of our virtue, as we are here in service to the realms, weaving the Great Story that connects us in the portrait of our Awakening. The resonances of royalty and revere kiss the air, as we walk the path of privilege, thankful for the blessing from the recognition of our characters by the graciousness of Amelio.

We had encountered him in the previous chapter at a gathering of the elvish royals, where I first met him. Peter had known everyone for years, and had offered to introduce me in 2016 when we first met through lady Krystleyez at the roundtable of Crestone near the Spine of the Dragon mountain.

Peter turns to me as we cross the lake, “Its so beautiful, to walk this royal path deeper to Faerie. It is our proper placement, as magician paladins. I’m so glad that you’ve come this far.”

My training with Peter for years had prepared me, where we forged a fellowship tempered by progression from the deserts of shiva to the gardens of shakti.

Throughout, the realm is constructed, and he shares of the what appears on the surface as the build is really woven of the deeper threads of the green, of virtue, fellowship, and prayer, performance and offering, held by the bosom of the trees. On my journey deeper into the Mythica, I came to see such things as spells, woven of these threads of intention, that manifest on the surface planes as worlds themselves.

The journey across the rainbow bridge requires the ability to not only read such things in the field, but to hold the vision of where we intend to travel in relationship to our Akashic Compass. What played out on the surface of documenting our path was a journey across a landscape of legend, as we left the deserts of the Magician’s Oasis for southern California up the coast, holding the intention of journey to Faerie en route to Heaven on Earth. Here we arrived to a realm of Faerie Bardic, in alignment with the resonance of the Seed Within, part of a fulfillment of my heart’s desire.

The VIP Lounge

We encounter Kelly Lopez, a Queen of the Fae, who invites us to the VIP lounge. She gazes out in wonder, listening to the Land, softening to receive the voice of Faerie.

She shares a story of how her bird friend came to her, Pier. He was injured and came to her along the way, nestling into her mothering energy to receive healing. Glancing at her moon pendant, I sense the power of the feminine grace moving through her as a guardian of faerie.

Her and Amelio started Faerie Worlds years ago, inspired by their connection with Bryan Froud’s World of Faerie, whose book appeared shortly after we were invited. It first came into my field in 2016 at an alchemical magic shoppe on the way to Tribal Vision Festival.

I opened it to this page in the library of Wynden Keep after my eyes were drawn to it after the gathering. This, synchronistically features a painting inspired by Kelly.

Of course, everything happens with divine purpose. The very whispers of spirit appearing through the signs upon our path, guiding us deeper towards the revelation of our story. I felt this very much then, as the sense of mystery pierced me through the veil into surrender to my destiny.

Sensing the Threads of Fate

Returning to the forest to rest, I reflect on the magick I’ve been learning to see through the yoga of Story, by witnessing the constellations of synchronicity unfold across the material plane, to reveal the World Tree.

The Akasha is the everything
She holds the stars of you and me
When we look upon the strands
We see where we’re connected
And in this great wide expanse
Holds the substance of all that is
Every form that ever was
Came from this great ocean
It lands to earth through ways so grand
Taking shape as the very land
The world tree upon which we stand
From that which we are extensions
From its clay is shaped the world
When we deepen we can sense it
The roots and branches that extend
Reflecting our shared constellations


The faerie market comes to view as we climb the hill, meeting Harmony, a dakini, who shares the tone of service to the magick.

Peter spoke to her of bowing, of the redemption of value through the visceral application of appreciating others as aspects of our own Self.

Behind the stage, the crew prepares for the opening ceremony. Here, I see Marla McClain, holding the fruits of the Mother, resplendent in the tones of kindness and family. Beneath, I feel her as an expression of the Goddess, in proper form for service to the People.

As we look through the lens of the Mythica, the archetypical quality of character embodied is the more constant emanation.

Opening the Realm

Coming to the front of the stage, the people are gathered, as I gaze in wonder to the rainbow array present. Bubbles rise up in synchrony, apropos.

The invocation opens, in honor to the realms, to unite the elements and directions.

Then the circle dance opens! We join hands and dance to a spiral in the center of the field where the elements were united. Spirited joy and fellowship rings throughout the space triumphantly and playfully.

The announcer announced. “When we enter the realm, we really start to feel the energies! Thanks for completing the circle! Welcome to Faerie Worlds! We are all connected!”

The Rainbow Dragon

Wandering forward across the field with camera hoisted, called by the flush of the moment in intuition, I witness a rainbow dragon unveils through the bend of the bubble a mere moment before it pops.

I wondered, how does this relate to the nature of perception? We experience our witnessing through the lens of the self. As its shape changes so does our path.

Further on, I encounter Peter Fae and the McClains, as we travel across the rainbow road to a new part of the realm.

Left ImageRight Image

Amidst good family of the rainbow, held by the tones of the forest, Noah dawns a mushroom cape, as the impression of the dragon arises through son and book alike.

Into the night we are led, to honor the birthday of a brother as Fooble the dragon comes to life in a show of puppet and play.

Looking through the lens of the Mythica, what’s more consistent is the quality of the impression. The dragon appearing in a string of synchronicities is a reflection of that archetypical impression in the underscape of the akasha, the vibrational landscape of the quantum field, through which we move across the Landscapes of Legend.

Tracing my way back across the lake to the lounge I see Jesse Wynden, dawning the drum as gypsy King. Flashes cross my inner eye of escapades of old, pirates devoted to nothing but the sea… “You are that too,” He once said to me, as I sensed it in the Akasha.

What an honor it has been to share space at his stead of the Wynden Keep, a port of the rainbow bridge to the sanctity of the Land held as sacred by her Guardians. His medicine carries wynd and root, many a travel to find his way to the sacred ground of Family and Honor in Abundance and Service.

Full Moon Magick

The morning comes to the full moon, as I breath to the rhythm of the forest, drawing gratitude throughout and invoking alignment with the Land through prayer and movement. Coming to the fields of green, I cast a spell drawing on the energies of the moon.

Cast a telling, tell it true
Tell it as you dance round the moon
Full of light and splendor
Sounding thunder
You’ll be left to wonder
Wandering amidst the shifting hues
The rainbow bridge of me and you
To infuse this highest alchemy
And step into your Destiny.
We walk the roads of gold and green
Between the seems of waking reality
Into a wyrd, a ward and away
We afford to live in our highest bliss
To dance upon the moon and stars
To remember who we really are.

Led across the skin of the Land, bliss fills me. A supreme sense of being right where I am meant to, with the Seed Within blooming, as my dreams are coming true.

Peter arrives, clad in royal gold, a King returning home. Without his sacred teaching and sharing of the codes of Light he’s carried, I wouldn’t be here.

I hear Yaima playing in the distance, its a divine confluence, as their music has been part of my return to devotion and Love, arises especially in the Gardens of Encinitas.

Beneath, rewilding undulations, weaving with the heart of our Return. The feeling reminding me of the Grandmother Vine.

Left ImageRight Image

I gaze across the crowd, witnessing Raven invoke her dance magick, flowing with the vibrations of the music.

Golems, Trolls, Dakini, Oh My!

Faerie smashers, playful accusations, pretending to catch children, walking golems…the festivities have just begun.

Walking on, a mural catches my eye leaned against a tree, none other than the work of Krystleyez, who first introduced me to Peter Fae in the Spine of the Dragon.

Here, I meet a Dakini with whom I exchange prose and song in ways of old, the tones of the gypsy resting beneath our seat in the forest.

“I first met Peter when I was but a maiden and he a prince.” She said, leading me through a port in the Faerie market, where on the other side I join back with Peter.

As the night descends, Peter are gifted mushroom chocolate which we invoke at a mycelium portal on the ley of the Land. Seeing a rainbow phoenix at the toast before the faerie ball, we take as a sign that it’s our time to invoke.

“Its like Stardust.” Peter says, as we overlook the faerie market illuminating the darkness.

Dancing at the Faerie Ball

Lights flash on the stage, as the music opens. Approaching, Peter and I look to each other. “Let’s do this.” He says with a smile.

Falling to the gravity of the moment, the magick of dance flows through me.

Every breath, every movement, every moment, a living prayer, an act of devotion. My awareness expanded in resplendence, connected, uplifted, righteous and noble. All the alchemies and spells I’ve been working finding grounding in the garden of my being.

Download on the right use of power…that as we align with our divine design, the activation of the innate gifts that wish to come through us do.

My lion comes out, feeling the weaving of the aka threads of virtue, alignment, balance and devotion while drawing on the elements and in deep movement through the realms, with every step and movement one of a wielding. Stabilizing the realm through my alchemy, a coelescing of all my castings thus far.

It is a deep witnessing, that of the power of the Aina flowing through me as I expand into a new level of access and vitality.

Pixie the bee keeper and potion maker invites us into his hive, to share the medicine of honey. The scent of passion is potent, along with the revelry and abundance of mead.

As I gaze at the description of the potions, the letters morph to reveal layers beneath, like a magical book from Harry Potter.

I am overwhelmed, I must find the ground. Laying out beneath the stars, she unveils a tapestry as the World Tree shows me vistas of collective consciousness.

Rise of the Rainbow Phoenix

She arrives, whom we had only glanced, providing sacred sign to invoke the Deva by the portal to the mushroom kingdom. She bears the energy of our Collective Rise as a Rainbow Tribe, molting away the skin of the old paradigm to be reborn. What nobility of embodiment, such royalty, to which our encounter is but brief, I still bow, seeing the significance of the moment.

Until it is that we may carry on, as Peter barters a write up for two mead tickets from Oberon, fulfilling a lifelong dream. To the mystic tavern we go, exchanging story for liquid luster.

Approaching the backstage, I encounter John, the diligent guard between the realms of the stage, Oberon’s Tavern and the troll bridge. He tells me that he’s been steadfast keeping peace in the area for the last three days, 18 hours each. A true champion of the realm.

He tells me that he once experienced all his organs failing and was unable to walk. Standing perfectly healthy before me, an elder man, I asked him if there was a spiritual shift that healed him.

He replied, “Yes, there was.”

Curiously, I asked, “What was it?” following the scent of my intuition.


Coming to the front of the stage I witness Kelly and Amelio closing out the space with their musick, the elvish vibrations elucidating a dreamlike state.

Their service is so honored, received by the People and met with our appreciation, a ceaseless devotion tended to this spark of the divine.

Honor the Realm. When you honor your Self, you honor the other Aspects of the Collective Consciousness that are You. When you heal the wound of Value, you can receive your Self in all its wondrous and beautious expressions.

From the Live Journal of the Quest

Led across the lake to the backstage, I arrive in perfect time to witness Jesse and Noah, the lights coloring between, painting the prismatic radiance of the middle earth.

Shadows arise in the beds of the forest, arising from the depths of olde, wounds of the broken circle that I then must face…forgiveness, for all the war and suffering. So much my heart can hardly bare, tears running down my face. Peter arrives to hold a healing space, helping me through to the other side.

Then….something immense clears, openings me to new realms, as I walk the night alone.


Preview from the Mythica Comic

Reflections of Avalon

I walk the sacred Land as the sun rises over the still lake, the realm grown to silence. A pristinely beautiful expansion opens to me, an immaculate sense of peace, love and bliss…like Heaven on Earth, as I listen to the song of the Land, feeling her flush and alive with the magick of all that came before.

Here, I have a vision of the future commonwealth, of a world where abundance is common and everyone values each-other for their intrinsic emanation. Basic needs are provided, sustainability is achieved, and we are free to live our lives as spiritual adventures of offering our gifts and exploring our potential.

Passing the Magdalene, I meet Peter at the crossroads, an intersection of leylines, sensing the the Mythica beneath the surface.

“You’re in search of the Cup, that of compassion.” I say, as he shares he had lost a cup of a priestess and was looking for it, yet, feeling it was a surface vessel for something much deeper.

“Its true. It’s my balance, that of the Love. I have Excalibur, and I’ve seen the Grail.”

He elaborates, “It’s the alchemy of that distilled within the self, the sword of discernment, the grail of love, the wand of spirit, the coin of the commonwealth. These embodied aspects are the emporor, and the embodied self.

The balance point at the crusade. Even as we stand here at this cross roads, there is a sense across the underlands of the Mythica, a clarity of what just came through, feels like the Druidic elemental balance. I can feel that deeply. It’s that sense of grounding those aspects.

The balance of the sword and the chalice. It has to be aligned, you can feel in the vibrations. This is an archetypical story point.

When we’re really on it, we’re in a speaking relationship with the universe. We are in an ongoing dialogue with the Deva of the current reflection of our self.”

As we walk, the sense of the modern roundtable arises, of our shared harmonic in service to Gaia.

Returning to the camp, the Millennial Gaia appears in his inventory.

“We have to be on the Quest. It’s bigger than us.”

As we go to leave, the land calls me once more, unveiling a vision of the reflections of the sacred land, the Union of Heaven and Earth.

I reflect on what the living intelligence of the Land gave me guidance on, that I am an emissary of Faerie in service to the Awakening … we are guardians of the rainbow bridge to the New Paradigm.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Peter Fae @peterfae , Raven Wynden, Jesse Wynden @jesse-wynden , Amelio Lopez, Kelly Lopez

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