2018-9-24 Full Moon Magick at the Wynden Keep

In From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis by Yeshua Lucis

Great Spirit, please guide me
In the fullest actualization of my heart’s desire
Birthing into expression
I invoke my divinity
Aligning with my Destiny
I walk the paths to the shores of my own Truth.

Wind rushes through the keep as the fresh smoke of copal burns, freshly lit by the Fae Queen, Raven. In the distance, I hear Jesse and Hjeron in dueling bazukis, as Peter and I relax in the gathering room clad in royal red and gold. My eyes catch the illustration of the world tree with the rainbow bridge and the four elements hanging on the wall.

It is appropriate, considering the nature of the Quest, to balance the elements within and walk the bridge between the many roots of that great Tree. Such is what has led us here, to be joined with family of the fae and the free. Following the gathering of the Equinox, the magick holds thick in the space.

Peter and I wind down from a day filled with expansion of the Mythica, as our office space coelesces in the cloud of the internet and the way of publishing and marketing is revealed for the emergent guild of adventuring authors. Nothing is mundane, truly, all is a sacred invokation of the divine when we live at the octave of the Mythica. All the framework had to be made to be at this point, thanks to Peter.

The yogic practice and attention to the golden thread of my path, divining the contents of my own heroic journey…to even be able to scribe with such elegance and grace is a realmsign, and supreme blessing. It shows that the gates are opening, the iris of my access to the abundance in the form of the right ideas in the synchrony.

Its such a kind people in Faerie. To have shifted to this realm is a deep magick, the unveiling of the Seed Within. The Deva whispers and howls across the echoes of wind, the medicine for my aching heart brought to bear. A perfect arraignment of divine providence, beheld in siddhic virtue. For true, my self-reflection gave way to a trust in the unfoldment, finally, clearing the shadow of doubt has opened up a new air of vitality.

The iris my access to the abundance of nature’s glory widens to recieve the radiance of the Goddess. It is a living prayer, the sword of Story. She speaks in many tongues, but her undercurrents remain.

It rings with the resonance of my soul’s True Tone. All this time I’ve wanted to be a writer, to embody more of the essence of my own divinity and share that vibration with the world. The manifest destiny storyline deepens, the Mythica growing in propensity as the synchronicities magnify to wonder.

This night was grand, as I sat beholding the full moon’s glory with my fellows, elder kings of Faerie, one of the circus roads and the other of the hearth, both of song and story, Hjeron and Jesse outside the Wynden Keep. Their twin bazuktis drawn, first heard from the fore, now turn to a drum and solo. I dance before the moon, allowing the deva to flow through me, I deepen my gaze upon the subtle energies pulsing beneath. I softened into the light, falling into the gravity, aligning with the excellent vibrations of the song. I let go, I flowed.

Did it feel so fine

Sitting underneath the light

Feeling so divine

As you did align

Falling to the gravity

Of the perfection.

Perhaps in certain ways I’ve held back from being truly frank in my expression. A shift in the wielding of the wand is in order, to align and transform my relationship with the Word. Its a meta thing, really, considering the undercurrent of vibrations assoaciated with will and manifestation.

It goes there for me, and then resolves in these perfect gravities that I perceive on the subtle levels to be the substance of what is meant by dharmas and karmas, of self-actualizing gnosis expressed through the threads of our lives.

I closed my eyes to reflect, witnessing a wash of textures and images revealing the perfection of the unfoldment. I open, softened by the Ganja Deva blessed of this sacred land. The medicine of Wynd and Root.

So I knew I must find my way, facing the shadow. To charge the line with the truth of my own actualizing destiny. I would track my path deeper into the magical world of the Mythica, witnessing her physics continue to prove true, facing the trials of that which blocked my access to the abundance that is my birthright towards the blossoming of my heart’s desire. This would be the Seed Within, a living story born of that glory.

Her many pages are leaves of my world tree, the witnessing of a blossoming world through a deepening into what it means to be a Divine Being having a human experience. A reality of wonder and medicine, of purpose and growth, of adventurer and mystery.

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Yeshua Lucis

Author of the Seed Within and adventurer of the real magical world tracking his path of Awakening. Learn more about him and follow his Quest.

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