“Parking Lot of the Gods”

“Parking Lot of the Gods”

2018 – “The Magicians”

At the end of our week of grace at LaFleur’s place, Yeshua and I continue our rental of the vehicle, and make our way once more into the realms of Carnia, (the magical parking lot of Narnia, also known as Living in One’s Vehicle). With little money to our name, we park nightly at one of the beaches just outside of Paia, continuing our invocations to get off the ground floor of manifestation and into a circumstance where we can more fully publish the Mythica and make it to the realms of Abundance and Prosperity.

There is something deeply magical about this place, what appears on the surface as the parking lot for the Paia beach. A confluence of ley runs beneath the asphalt, radiating through the aina, drawing me hither. It was here I was drawn during my jaunt to Maui in during the episode ‘Harm to None‘ in 2006, and it’s potency remains undiminished.



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