2019-1-18 – Settling into the Temple

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It’s raining outside the tiny temple as Yeshua and I drink in the reality that at last we have a place to settle, to beacon out the teachings and journeywalk across the Mythica. Such is apropos, for it was the aina of the rain that first showed me the nature of our many droplets of self and their ripples upon the Ocean of form.

The magic continues to unfold in the confluence, the subtle harmonies of the Aina and the presence of her avatars inspiring my witnessing.

As I write this, we sit silent transcription, breathing into the sharing of our adventures, moving into the next octave of the weaving of light that forms the Mythica’s substance on the elemental planes of my perception. I see us in the Beingness of the thing, and it is Good.

I place Gaia’s statue next to a golden peacock, the sigil of the phoenix that was awaiting us in the temple. The significance pours through me, in a wash of remembrance, feeling the dawning of the New World atop sacred Mt. Haleakala and the wave of transformation it heralded across the akasha.

It is so beautifully appropriate.

In that subtle place, I See how we are in the manifestation of that living dream, the moment within the threadwork of the Great Story in which we intersect with the sacred threads of our fellow avatars in shared intent to embody a brighter World, met in the vibrational landscape of the Mythica.

The Temple Office

That Yeshua and I are at last in constant access to the inspiration of Divine breath which brings the new paradigm Life, able to transmit the signal of Remembrance through the modern hieroglyph, showing the many parts of the Great Story of our return to the Garden.

A vision comes to me as I write this, seeing the threads of Kundra’s movement both to her sacred stewardship upon the Land and her commitment to bring her Story through the Mythica, as well as her appearance in the synchrony as I had returned from my walk along the beachside as we were en route to Haleakala, arriving as her own embodied Aspect in our shared Quest.

Of Rainbows and Resonance

Hailey Dawn-Armstrong

Suddenly and without prior knowledge, Bruce comes to the door, bringing a new presence to the tiny temple. My eyes widen in grateful recognition as I realize Hailey Dawn-Armstrong, yet another major avatar of the Mythica, has arrived in perfect timing in the synchrony of our shared unfoldment.

Deeply inspired by the energies in the space, Hailey spontaneously erupts with talkstory about the vision that came through her and it’s parallel to the amulets created by Nassim Harramein and now confirmed again by Bruce.

It is the perfect confluence and further proof of the revelation shown through the Mythica that ALL our timelines, all our dreams are part of a much larger unfoldment, happening in perfect timing as we step into the New World.

The Young Djedi

After Hailey leaves, we continue our Seva to the land, offering our talents in digging out the channels for the new cables. It is a good feeling. One of connection, of right-purpose and alignment with the larger inertia of what is needed.

Yeshua invoking Trust

As I come back to the temple, Yeshua asks me about what we shall do about food, and how we shall pay for the rental vehicle for another week. In this, I sense a vibration within his midsection, bringing his attention to the dissonance within his form. As I do this, I am led to list the various things that are blessed in our space, that we are in the tiny temple, that the Mythica and the emanation of that enlightened Story is happening.

I remind him that we are no longer in the conditions of deep trial, no longer in the cold and intensity, but blessed. That what he feels is not the current vibration, but something still resolving.

As he always does, Yeshua goes inside, showing again and again his virtue and perseverance in dissolving that which no longer serves him from his own rainbow road.

Stepping outside, I turn again to giving my service to the Land. Once again young djedi Jasiah joins us on the Quest, adding his developing chi awareness to the sacred work.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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