2019-1-21 Roadside Satsang

In From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis by Yeshua Lucis

There is an opening in the telling, a wielding coming through the clearing and appreciation of my current character in the Great Story. A clarity of looking ‘through the looking glass’ of my current self continues to spread throughout.

Leaving the realm of Mandala Gardens, we travel onward to a mechanic’s shop to get a safety inspection. With the last of resource, we continue invocation of trust and faith.

Entering the shop, a special energy opened between us and the mechanic. I noticed him bowing, in some part of his being recognizing the holiness of our mission in service to the Presence.

When we offered to pay him, he simply bowed, saying “its okay.” Waving us off and offering his service for free to support us along our way. It was the recognition that was so potent, an affirmation of the righteousness of our voyage and the support of a friendly universe. It inspired this video in this moment of the magical world.

Peter and I return to the coastal town side of Paia, pulling into the parking lot that we were led to in the gypsy realms before arriving to the Temple. A realm we called the “Parking Lot of the Gods”, for the confluence of beings on a pathline of divinity and deepening that we met in the gravity of our Collective Dharma.

Peace, Love & Unity

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Following the intuition to the coffee shop, we immediately run into Natural, an ambassador of Peace, Love, Unity who I first met at the Dream Weavers Sanctuary in the realms of the change agents in Crestone.

This is another proof of the physics of the Quest, that we are always led where we’re meant to be, when we’re meant to be there, and that everything is serving the reflection of our story.


Immediately I see the shimmer of a seed of life pattern, colored with the rainbow, revealing itself to be the cover of an authentic magical book that he crafted, “I Remember I Am Eternally Divine”.

The Flower of Life

I recognize the rainbow magic at once, another aspect of our Collective blossom bringing forward his seed of light for our return to the Garden. All across my journey through the many rays of the emergent paradigm, this sygil of our shared Awakening can be found.

This is especially significant and is an actual artifact of the magical world, as Travis shares the tone of the Angelic, embodies the process of self-realization and is in service to the Awakening. Therefor the book carries the emenation of his vibration and enhances that in the field for whoever views it.

Open the Gates…

It has become a bit of a mantra with me. Open. Open the Gates. Clear the Way. Be the Change.

I’m having a major opening, a clearing of the lens of my perception and a relaxing into surrender that has been the Goal. Peace washes over me, a sense of Love and Unity amidst kindred spirits. Is not this the true Gold? I sense the textures of Heaven flash across my body, grounding into the Earth.

So much of my path has been leading up to these moments, of anchoring the Light Of Remembrance, for myself and the Whole.

Angels of the Aina

Christina appears at the stead of the vehicle, where I recieve a reading from the book. In the shared light, Peter and her unfold in a mutual recognition of the magic. A natural telepathy blossoms, as fellowship is seen in the light of grace. She had arrived only hours before, a Queen of the road crossing the rainbow bridge on her own Awakening.

Feeling her, it was obvious that we shared that great service, to embody Heaven on Earth.

“We track that path,” I say to her, “to the realms of the deeper 5D and Heaven on Earth.”

She smiles with a knowing, “Its here.”

She shares of her travels, “led in my starship,” referring to her vehicle, “Pleadien style.” She smiles. We both recognize her galactic essence as a Goddess.

As Peter and her talk, there is a grounding and opening. Her galactic magic is felt beneath the surface, and they fall into a deep repose. Its beautiful to witness.

He hands her a card for the Mythica.

”Why does this look like exactly how I’m feeling?” She remarks.

”Its the magic. Appearing in perfect form to spark remembrance.”

“This was a long time clearing.” She said, with relief and hope fluttering across her heart.

“Exactly. It is.” Peter replies, assuredly, with a honeyed tone of kindness.

Time comes for us all to part, and Natural is gracious to fulfill his sacred funciton and help her to her next distination. We continue on to the cafe.

Parking Lot of the Gods

As we travel on, I look back, seeing the sun shining over the peak of the clouds, reflecting on the magic of the unfoldment we’ve experienced in this location.

Sudden inspiration strikes as I walk, softening to recieve the breath of the Aina.


If I am true and sing my song,
stepping beyond the bounds of what I knew
If I live my life fully and surrender
I enter the gates Eden here and now
Dissolving the bonds of all separation
Embrace the majesty of all expressions
I arise in divine design
Aligning with natures blueprint
Unspiraling anticipations to actualization
Helix of the light codes unwinding realization
As in Union I reside, to divine my way cross the vine of life, 
to travel in paths of light
No more hiding or denying
The lions call sounding canyons
Dying doubts, bursting crys
Opening of my eyes
In service to the rays
Of alignments with the presence
Calling of my heart
Resounding of the gravity
Of what wants to come thorough me
I open the gates, I open the gates
I can be and I can wait, clearing all want
Enlightenment embodied
Collapse of all veils
Resonant facilitations
To the glory on high
Here & Now
Here & Now
We Are the Ones…

The Return to Paia Bay

Entering the cafe, we immediately encounter Shelby, sharing talkstory of the journey so far. I feel her brighten and a luminance pass through the field, a recognition of the kindred spirit we all share. More than I ever I feel it as part of something larger, a divine force moving through the breadth of our lives.

She reveals that she’s living in a tree house, and again I sense the scent of fae that so many of my kin share. As I mention the recognition of the vibration she smiles, “Of course”.

To be in the melody of meaning that makes up this unfoldment is to travel through the Mythica, the mythical octave of our lives…a place of magic and wonder, where the divine essense of our own suchness is revealed to us in perfect form and circumstance.

As I settle in to write and create this entry, there is a new found easement, singing through the wood and vine within the realm. A sense of breathing into the telling of the magical world, that this is what wants to come through all along.

Returning to the sanctum of my tent at the fringes of the jungle, further inspiration comes through bringing breath to this song before I fall to rest.

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Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening in his tale, “The Seed Within”. He offers sessions of divination and healing, through the power of story mirroring and energetic awareness, learn more here.

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