2019-1-22 – The Temple and the Path

In From the Quest - Peter Fae by Peter Fae

Here at the Mandala Gardens, Yeshua and I continue our seva on the Land.

It’s not part of our agreement. The gifting from our ally of payment for the tiny temple through the beginning of February does not require work on the land, yet I am happy to offer this in service to the aina.

It is a pleasurable service, for in my bare feet and the radiant Sun I feel mana flowing through my body, recharging me with the kiss of Shakti.

As we do this outer work, we continue to document our sacred journey, proving the physics of the quest and witnessing the characters of the Great Story in their arrival. In that service, I hold the inner asana, the constant wielding of vibrational sovereignty and clearing to open the gates of receiving such that the Gift of the Mythica may make her way to the Commonwealth.

It isn’t easy. In fact it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Yet, it’s the job I was made for. The reason I incarnated into the human plane as an avatar of Awakening.

In any Quest, the stakes are high, the trials equal to the triumphs in the long walk across the rainbow bridge, both finding the way to Heaven on Earth and laying breadcrumbs of golden witnessing for those brave enough to make their own journey home.

Such is the real human adventure into the new paradigm, wrought in an ongoing narrative of practice, technique and results meant to demonstrate that we can, through right-effort, change the circumstances of our consciousness and thus our life.

The Tree of Worlds – We are all Connected

To heal this and reveal the ways in which we may make our way to a new reality, I created the Mythica, using our Stories as conduits for the revelations gained in our travels, showcasing the Akasha Yoga as a means of clearing our timelines and revealing the seed within, the sacred life purpose that sits within us all.

Such has been an adventure of deep contemplation and application of the various yogas of manifestation, discovering the relationship between the feeling-sensation within the bodymind and the manifestations of one’s conditions, exploring the final frontier of the space within and it’s relationship to the space without.

Such is magnificent challenge, one each of us must face as we dissolve the conditions of separation to give and receive our sacred Gifts in a New World.

Even now, as I write this, I breathe purposefully, consciously invoking the feeling-tone of gratitude and expansion for the conditions that have manifested around us in the intention to maintain and expand them such that I may have the space to write and publish the Mythica. Wielding the enlightenment gained from the travels, I shift the locus of my focus away from my individual self into the surrounding space, silently thanking the aspect of the Divine appearing in the form of Joe Dispenza and his divined techniques, breathing from the aina into ‘Peter’s’ form, intentionally dissolving the remaining heaviness within my chest and the question of manifestation as we continue forward.

Such is the challenge Yeshua and I share, as we constantly divine the way towards the manifestation of the finance and fellowship we deserve, sometimes striving to find the trust that after so much effort we shall finally be received in the Gift we are bringing to the Collective.

About the Author

Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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