2019-1-23 Faith & Surrender

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Being right on the razor’s edge of manifestation on my journeywalk across the realms with Peter Fae, surrender has become my regular invocation. Trust in the Unfoldment. That I am supported by a friendly universe. Its key to journey to Heaven on Earth, as I’m learning.

Its such a key medicine for me at this time, containing the vibrational codes of balancing the alchemy that I am working within and without. That of truly allowing with acceptance, of dropping all resistance to just trust.

Awakening this morning I sat upright, softening into the subtle asana of surrender, of breathing through the rigidities in my being to complete trust in the unfoldment.

There was a sense of being able to find that place behind all the shifting tones, where I could lean back into easement and grace. Its a rare space within, where it naturally flows with gratitude because all agitation is resolved and I am in the witnessing of the abundance in manifestation.

To do the inner work of maintaining that space in constancy is no easy feat. It requires constant devotion and awareness to the drifting, to working through any associated issues that keep me from fully embodying and embracing that stance of being.

Its essence is not striving, but ‘already having’. Not pushing, but receiving. Not forceful, but graceful. The mindfulness of the ebb and flow of my own energetic and emotional state has been growing lately, bringing me face to face with the contest and subtle resistances that I’ve held for so long.

Returning to the Temple, Peter comes back with more food to fill the stores and shares of the recent expansions in the realms of production he’s experiencing. I’m excited but also diligently focused on preparing the marketing, so I get to it. I finish out and send the initial email campaign to our list of 140 or so, both of us divining to offer the breadth of the Mythica on donations for now, along with opening the way for offering Akashic Readings to help our audience see their life through the lens of the Mythica.

It is a major sense of accomplishment. Even as I do it, I still feel the as yet resolved pushing dynamic, and keep readjusting my inner asana to that of patience and trust.
As I move to make food, the subconscious pattern of agitation with the manifestation comes up. As soon as it comes up, I saw that my mind was affected and felt that I couldn’t trust what I was thinking. A feeling of defeat and that things weren’t coming together, that our efforts are ungrounded, a fear that the people and the resources wont show up.

I readjusted my stance, realizing I could trust the current contents of my mind. I really went into breathing through trust and surrender, but it just had to move through me. I shared with Peter and he observed that my lens was ‘bent’ by the resolving pattern, and proceeded to remind me of all of the abundance manifesting in the realm. That I wasn’t seeing the value clearly.

“We are here in a Temple, that came to us through pure manifestation, with a lightning fast ethernet cable coming in. You are having access to your powers, as your writing and presentations are coming through the Mythica, along with your voice coming out and just getting your album out there.”

“Its the same thing,” he says, “Its always the same thing. I’m saying this to you as my apprentice, the prime patterns repeat. Its worth noting.”

“I know, its true! Its just so frustrating.”


“Its okay for me to get impatient,” I say, agitated but coming to accepting myself. “Its just…this ongoing process!” Again I think, how do I show up to love this? Its so difficult.

He was very kind and just listened to me. It really helped me decompress and I deeply appreciated that. The space began to shift. It can be challenging to be in the human condition, to just be ‘in it’, where you have to hold space for the ongoing process of becoming, but as I’m coming to find, we all have to. Its the nature of being human.

“Believe me, I know. But it can help us to really perceive the goodness, recognizing that the agitation is coming from a misperception, a misalignment.”

“Its a pattern going on in the subconscious. Its just playing out. I feel that I am doing all I can.”

“You’re doing great. The best you can. Just really recognize the correction is one of perception. Have you gotten a divination on why you’re going through this?”

“Yes, its that I’m meant to take on these causes and effects to process and embody the remedy, and that its part of everyone I’m connected to.”

“The same thing that I said. We have to embody the movement to be the example for the people.”

As I recognized the blessings, the proof of the manifestation, and let go of the agitation, breathing into trust and faith, the space shifted. As we walked out the door, Peter offered for us to do a video, which turned out highly expansive.

There was a witnessing of the rawness and authenticity budding out through the mud of becoming, an appreciation of the fact that without it there is no lotus.

After we finished he shared that we can easily publish that right from the Temple. Further proof the abundance, of the ease and grace manifesting for us from the ground up in congruence with the clearing.

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