2019-1-23 – Magicians at the Temple

In From the Quest - Peter Fae by Peter Fae

To my beloved Readers and Adventurers on the rainbow bridge – This entry has three videos in it, more than the average for my posts, each documenting an encounter with one of the magical avatars of the New World arriving in perfect synchronicity as part of the Great Story. Yet while this is a good amount of watching, they are significant, for each represents a part of the grand unfoldment of our Awakening.

At your leisure, enjoy the videos or simply read this post through as you are led.

The morning brings great clarity as I awaken with inspirations for videos which shall teach the Akasha Yoga and open portals for Readers throughout the site. Last night’s decision to offer the teachings by donation in the traditional style of yogic giving of giving felt aligned, opening up channels in my Heart through which new inspiration flowed.

Opening Space Within and Without

Such are the minutia of the Path. The navigation within one’s own inner compass towards the expansion and abundance of the inspiration that wishes to flow through the self. We all must find our way along our sacred Path in the manner that is appropriate for us. In this way we are always in a dialogue with that inner knowing, the compass of our movement towards our personal Heaven on Earth.

As it moves through me, I See how to present the Mythica to the people. How to showcase the underlying yogas of the Journey Home and the Seed Within. How to offer the support to the World in the brightest of ways for our shared unfoldment.

There is a tremendous, incalculable beauty to what happens in this video. The fact that my ally arrived in perfect timing, that we were sitting in the conditions of the temple, on Maui, in which we received a tremendous and mutual healing in the recognition, wrought within the architecture of the Mythica temple and the witnessing of our shared Awakening, is, in so many ways, the fulfillment of my highest desire. To help the people by SHOWING the nature of our unfoldment. Witnessing the Divine plan and honouring it’s Characters in their perfect expression in time.

As the day continues, I work once more with the aina, adding my energy to the sacred Land. It is a beautiful thing. When I am not demanded to do it through some idea of barter, I truly enjoy simply helping work and build out the structures that form the new World. There is a simplicity to it, that sense of the budo-samurai, of the wandering djedi, that offers their services on all levels and octaves in right-relationship with the collective Awakening moving through us all.

Authors & Allies of the Mythica

Yeshua by the Tiny Temple

After this, the moments continue. I sit with Yeshua and discuss his Path. It is the modern-day satsang, the sacred witnessing of these bright avatars in the moment, each of them experiencing the transformation necessary for their fulfillment in the shared Light.

I have such deep appreciation for Yeshua. For his constant effort, his constant virtue, his dedication and commitment to the Quest. It is not easy to face the distorted impressions within the field that must be cleansed in order to live in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, and yet he attends, time and again, with the Seva and sanctity of his honest Story.

It is amazing to me. For so many years, I have held the vision, the seva of Story granted to me by the Divine that I may witness the many Characters of the Great Story arriving in synchronicity, to share their Stories and our yogas of embodiment such to reveal the underlying purpose to our many Paths and dissolve the illusion of separation.

As always, I do not set up the photos, but rather simply observe who arrives, noting the elements of such beingness and the physics of the quest that brings us together.

In effort to process the remaining tensions within his nervous system and return to the high vibration of his preference, Yeshua goes for a ride in the car, noting that we may have to return it to the ally who rented it to us as we await the donations of recognition for the Value of the Mythica.

There is a beauty to this, for it embodies yet more surrender to God’s will and the deep confrontation with one’s alignment with Trust that all things are perfect. Such is the very crucible that Yeshua faces, one we all face as we seek to divine the right-path through our own inner compass that will ground out our offerings and be received by a World hungry for release.

In perfect accordance with this, a third avatar appears to be witnessed in the Mythica, the Shakti Kundra Rose, one of my most consistent allies on the Quest to Heaven on Earth. Like all things, she arrives in perfect timing, moving through the web of cause and effect that defines our many Stories.

Now, allow me to say for the record, I adore Kundra. She is both the magma and the mother, the fierceness and the flower. She first appeared on the Journey Home and the annals of the Mythica in 2014 during a Beltane ceremony at the Goddess Temple near the Shire of Ashland.

Such was a momentous moment in the witnessing for it was also the first appearance of Dakota Chanel, both destined to be balancing agents to my own Shivic fire, the Roses to the Thorn.

It’s a beautiful conversation. One thick with the healing of the body and the soul of humanity herself. Of discerning and clearing the distortions of Value that plague our collective consciousness such that we may rise together in the Abundance of our unity.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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