2019-1-25 Bards of the Djedi

In From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis by Yeshua Lucis

More I am coming to see that all events serve the Great Story. That there is a perfect unfoldment to our lives and why we are brought together across time and space.

Back within the temple, Peter and I work diligently to publish. A character named Doctor Gromulous arrives at the door with Josiah, the young djedi. He brings tidings of wind, flute and string sound together within the wood and root of the temple. Inspiring by the stirrings, I grab my twelve string, Grace, and join him for an improv.

Josiah shares a mystic talkstory of a spirit that told his caregiver to look after him, leading him to make Josiah a deep priority in his life.

Soon after his mother arrives, joining us for a visit.

She squints a bit at Peter, “You remind me of a friend I use to have named Griffin.”

He smiles, “I used to go by Griffin.”

“Oh my god! I think you’re the same person.”

They discover that 15 years ago, when Peter first began his Quest, they met in Kauai. The significance of this in the Mythica blooms within the space, a shared recognition of pure magic that has brought them back together at the Mandala Gardens in the present.

Josiah is a deeply magical boy, the offspring of a new world just taking root. As I get to know him, its obvious that he’s deeply sensitive to energy and sees life mythically. In this way, we relate, and it brings me hope to see him living well, supported by the community of Mandala Gardens.

Its a deep reminder for me of why I came here. That part of my purpose is to support the next generation in recognizing their magic and bridging the old and the new world, that the Mythica supports this. Our children are a precious gift, the very embodiment of innocence and new beginnings, of possibility and the seed of life expressing itself once again.

As I have the opportunity to wield the flute, Gromulous tells me that it came from a sacred expedition to South America with Nassim Haramein. How perfectly apropos.

The harmonics of the Resonance Projects aligns with the many change agents I’ve met along the way gridding the new earth, reactivating the codes of light and ancient sacred sites to ring the song of harmony once again across the akasphere of Gaia.

Through this melody of moments, the Mythica is revealing. As I play, the tones and harmonies remind me of the Wynden Keep and its house of faerie bards, where the wind ran thick with fellowship and music amidst the sacred trees.

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Yeshua Lucis

Author of the Seed Within and adventurer of the real magical world tracking his path of Awakening. Learn more about him and follow his Quest.

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