2019-1-25 Mandala Movements

In From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis by Yeshua Lucis

This morning, I was inspired to go for a walk through the country side, leaving the sanctuary nestled in the jungle edges of the Mandala Gardens. As I journey with my pack and my cantina to my side, I feel the appropriateness of my current character. Its awesome, as part of my dream has always been to be a sacred adventurer.

The Roundtable of the Emergence

A deep healing is coming around value and the new paradigm of recognition and exchange, reflecting through the process as we step through the gates to share the Mythica with the people. Throughout, I realize that despite the current forms exchange take on the surface, its about the true appreciation of one another and the noble recognition of what we bring to the round table of our shared evolution. We have to be what it takes to bring about a new world of peace and prosperity.

Its not just about money, its about how you wield it, and seeing the value that’s already there, in the Aina, in the people in your life, in the things that come to you. I reflect on all the lessons of the right use of power and the recognition of value in myself and everyone I’m connected to, seeing that I’ve been in a massive crucible to come to this current position.

Now I know as I step out, to be humble and appreciate others, to give the gift fully and share the benefits, all towards embodying the collective consciousness. Its like Peter said to me in the heart of Wynden Keep, “You are learning right kingship.”

On Wings of Virtue

Satya Douglas

On the way up, Satya appears in her carriage in perfect timing, offering me a ride. On the way there I share my revelations on this, and bow to her in deep appreciation. Had we not been led to the Mandala Creations on the northern shore and met her, or had that healing together at the Temple of Peace, both intersecting paths with our mutual ally when I was led to ask her of any available spaces, none of this would have happened. Including us being at the temple in current form.

The unfoldment of our dharmas are linked, yet further is the vantage of the Great Story unveiled.

“I see your virtue.” I say, bowing to her. “I couldn’t do it without you.”

“Thank you.” She smiles, needing to take leave, I can still tell the expansion of healing energy in the space coming through that recognition and appreciation.

Taking leave, there is a deep sense of being an emissary of the divine, moved around in service to something larger. As I approach the cafe, I see something in the distance. Getting closer, I see angel wings painted upon the doorway. How perfect.

It turns out that I can’t get a cup of coffee because I can’t access the cash I thought I could.

I face the roundside to make my way back. Passing the gateway to Ahimsa, the sacred new earth temple of Blue Mountain, magma coils in my being.

Its this righteous fire burning within me, transforming my perceptions and intitiating a shift in way of being. A driving force of correction to shift stances in the way of giving and receiving value, of recognizing the error of the previous paradigms. That of not truly honoring and recognizing the Gift that we bring to one another.

Intensionally working the balm of Forgiveness, I breathe through the frustrations with that paradigm, consciously cleansing the aka threads that make up my state of being and connect me with the other Aspects.

Love, a State of Mind

I pass a sign along the way that reads “Love, a state of mind” as everything clears and am soon picked up by a couple, Somric and Liz, on their journey to see their son. They offer me a ride back to the place, handing me a coconut water and some nuts and seeds, telling me that he saw me at the cafe. Its the support of a friendly universe.

I share with them of my journey so far and what we’re doing with the Mythica.

“Everything we do to map the Quest is in service to the Tribe, to reveal the leylines of our shared Awakening.”

“That’s beautiful.” He replies, “Everyone is waking up! So awesome to meet you.”

“Totally, same here. Its the vibration we share.”

“Absolutely, everything is made of vibration! You know, she’s into all this too, as she runs a metaphysical bookstore.

We descend the driveway to the land.

“Mandala Gardens appeared on our path with the Temple as the proofs of manifestation, and that we meet the characters were meant to in resonance. Such as encountering Satya and Bruce, who share the tone of the sacred geometries and relationship with the Aina.”

Arriving, we encounter Peter who shares with them an introduction to the Mythica. As fellow photographers, they speak of the aspects of the art. Somric offers to shoot pro-resolution photos of us with his camera, which is deeply appreciated.

They are deeply inspired and touched by the presentation, which is great realmsign. We are offered future connection and assistance, further showing that we’re led to meet the right people at the right time in service to the Divine Plan.

Outfitting God’s Casting Call

“What’s that stone?” Somric asks.

”Its the Ye Ming Yu,” I reply, “a sacred amulet from the Isle of the Gods.”

Peter chimes in, “Its true! I got it at the Akasha from a traveling merchant. Its carries the essense of the legends of rare glowing stones deep within the earth.”

“Wow! Really?” He asks, slightly astonished.

”Yes!” I say, “and he gifted it to me at this place called Zen Awakening.”

A lot of magic went into the ability to casually say such things. An entire unfoldment of synchronicity and wonder leading up to these current events, which we track through our sacred journals of the Mythica.

Arriving here to the current shape of the Temple is a deep magic, actually. In which we have been on an archetypical adventure proving the laws of manifestation and facing the trials of the heroic journey to embody our highest self. To be here, wearing my glowing amulet of the Ye Ming Yu and the elvish jacket gifted to me before the events of Faerie Worlds by Peter Fae, is fine portent.

As Peter grabs his golden cloak, I see us arraigned in perfect form. Our selves the casting call of the divine, wearing the costumes of our current incarnation in service to the Great Story.

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