2019-1-26 – The Gates of the Temple

In From the Quest - Peter Fae by Peter Fae

The Quest continues. The rain holds us to ground within the temple as we work diligently to open the gates of the temple of Story to the Worlds.

Publishing from the Temple

As we’ve been crystallizing the construct of the publishing platform, there’s been a lot of internal question regarding how to help Readers understand the Value they are getting in our journal of adventure into the Mythica and the associated pages of explanation and assistance within the temple.

Such is not a mundane conversation, but an integral part of the Mythica spell, part of the harmonic architecture of giving and receiving wrought into her very substance.

I check my inner compass, the subtle energies discerning around the vibrations of Abundance and Prosperity. I sense that we must continue our application of the yogas in effort to maintain our access and allow the easement to flow.

The challenge is always internal. Of divining the proper approach, with a still and expansive consciousness, that leads to the highest result for all involved. As we forge our way through such blossoming discernment, we ask the question – how to assist the readers in understanding of what they are actually getting?

Many times have we hovered between outright donations as a temple and offering tithes of subscription such that we may bring this Gift more effectively to the planet. It is a grand alchemy around the very nature of sacred commerce at it’s core, balancing out the highest of intentions with the practicality of the current Age and it’s evolving models of value.

Paul “Boggie” Brighton, Taoist Guardian

It is in the contemplation of this that I witness my ally Boggie Brighton, witnessed appearing in the field in perfect synchronicity.

Like all the characters featured in the Mythica, Boggie is the current incarnation of a deep and archetypical essence, in his case, the Dragon Dog of China, a barefoot doctor of the Taoist tradition, helping the people to understand the nature of their Qi and how to achieve better health and wholeness. He first appeared as an ally for me after the ‘Universal Heroes’ episode of 2012 on the Journey Home, and has remained a powerful ally since.

Like ourselves, Boggie has been fighting the good fight, bringing the Light of his awareness and cultivated excellence in service to the people. And, like us, he has had to learn the ways in which commerce and abundance flow in the modern Age, adapting to the Tao of the Now. In our shared luminance, I contemplate again the value of the Mythica and what we are offering to the people.

Yeshua hard at work opening the gates of the Temple

The Value of the Mythica is immense.

A real journal of Author-Adventurers movement into the new paradigm, revealing the deeper octave of our potential? Where the journals themselves lead into help pages and techniques that prove the principles of the narrative? Where we reveal the Great Story of our shared unfoldment, the synchronicities of our shared purposing and the heroines and heroes of the modern myth?


Such is the blossoming of my innermost dream, to truly be a mystic adventurer opening portals from that World to the people, such that they too may make the virtuous decision to go deeper and discover the magic that lay within them. To not only tell them about their emergent potential, to show them, through tales and tellings, in a vast network which supported their journey, in which we were being recognized as mythic journalists, documenting our way across the very real rainbow bridge from one reality to another.

Flashback – Opening the rainbow bridge from Oregon to Maui in the beginning of 2019

In the Now, I head up to the house. Once there, I drop into a conversation with Satya over our stay in the tiny temple, asking her about the renting of the tiny temple. She tells me they are waiting on potential renters, and that they must rent it within a certain timeframe for their monthly expenses. We would need to acquire $1600 as quickly as possible.

I breathed into myself. At that exact moment, I had $27.99 in the PayPal. Yet, the Mythica was coming into form and we were just about to open the gates. Such became an opportunity to apply the practices once more, to deepen into the invocation and application of the mystic arts of manifestation and surrender, finding the inner stance that allowed the greatest expansion to flow through.

I did not allow myself to dwell in the conjectures of tomorrow, but rather breathed, relaxing into the feeling-state of being grounded, in a sacred temple, giving and receiving the Gift, applying the Akasha Yoga.

After all, such intentional and consistent technique was what brought us through the realms of shadow to the temple and the blessings of our Now in the first place.

A deep awareness moved through me then, and I SAW that in order for the World to recognize the value of our offering, we had to get that offering out to the World. That in it’s basic simplicity, was had to publish. Such was a thing that could not have been done before as the architecture was still cooling from the mold. Yet now, at last in a sanctuary with which to publish outwards, we could.

An opening came through then, and I felt how to deliver more on the magics of the Mythica through the YouTube and how to crystallize the site even more. Such was part of the process, and always had been. The witnessing of how Yeshua and I received the right inspiration in the right moment to move forward.

In service to this, I record a couple of videos, sharing the message to be transmitted through the temple.

About the Author

Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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