2019-1-25 – Djedi in the Temple

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The Divine Plan is bigger than all of us, orchestrating our connections in service to our shared Awakening. As I leave the temple in the morning, I see Yeshua with some new friends, a pair of travelers he encountered on the roadside while exploring the surrounding lands.

They introduce themselves as Somric and Liz, a photographer and Lightworker from the City of Angels, Los Angeles. It is a beautiful blessing as he chooses to witness a few photos of Yeshua and myself near the temple. As we share our Stories, Somric shares some of his work and Liz reveals her association with a longstanding spiritual outlet in the city.

Impressed with the location and the synchronicity of our shared occurrence, Somric shoots some photos of Yeshua by the temple. Such reminds me of the sacred moment in 2015 on the Journey Home when I shared a baptizing ritual in the Faerie Pools of Ashland with Dakota Chanel and was similarly witnessed by a passing photographer, led by Divine providence to that moment of shared light.

After they leave, I head up towards the house to gather a slice of cake for Yeshua. A flush of energy moves across the akasha, drawing down into the house.

Energies moving through the Akasha

Entering, I encounter Dr. Gromulus once again, breathing Song through one of the instruments. A moment later, I see the source of the channeling as Jaclyn the Akashic Angel moves through the space.

“Can’t talk” she says sweetly, bopping only for a moment outside her sanctuary. “Helping a client”

I bow. It’s wonderful to witness the unfoldment. To feel the information being channeled by Jaclyn’s divinations in the Mythica, a brief interlude on my journey for cake.

Heading back to the temple, I intersect with Dr. Gromulus and young djedi Jasiah once more.

This is deeply meaningful from my point of view. In the Mythica, I recognize Jasiah as the very embodiment of the emergent World, his sacred Path leading him to intersect with both Hailey Dawn Armstrong and myself. To be in the radiance of such vibrations is significant and beautiful.

It’s so beautiful and fundamental to the Akasha Yoga and my journey deeper into the Mythica. Jasiah’s presence embodies a reminder, that I designed the Mythica to teach the mystic arts to the people. Where the architecture of our tales serves a sacred function of remembrance.

Inspired, I go outside, intentionally weaving the aka threads that make up the filaments of my being and thus my reality. Consciously opening to the aina and receiving mana through the conduit of my awareness.

The Kauai Connection

After a time, Jasiah’s mother comes over to the tiny temple.

“You know, you remind me so much of a friend I had named Griffin” she says.

“Mmm. I used to go by ‘Griffin’.” I reply.

“Did you used to live in the North shore of Kauai?” she exclaims, the Heartsong expanding beneath her words.

“Totally. On a house on stilts, right near the entrance to the Na Pali coastline trail”

“Ohmigod! You’re the same guy.”

“Yes” I say. “That’s how the Great Story unveils.”

The synchronicity is deeply significant. Many of the avatars of the emergent World had been led to Kauai to receive the codes of the Garden from the Aina to pollinate the World.

Here Shelly and I had met, many years ago. I had given her sanctuary at my home while she was traveling, as well as a number of traveling priestesses I had met through the realms. I had considered my home, aptly named ‘Avalon Fringe’ to be a bastion on the edges of the journeywalk into the Kalalau valley.

To have us intersect at this moment, here in the Mandala Gardens is pure magic. Beneath the surface, I see the weaving of our Stories. How she, mother of Jasiah and part if the beautiful family of Mandala Gardens, had been a part of the early stages of my journey and now again, as I land in the temple.

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Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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