2019-1-30 – Deeper into Yin

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I awaken to a sense of softness, feeling the rain all around me. Of touching something that I hadn’t fully felt for a long time. A receptivity and a groundedness. A sense of safety and ability to breathe into the writing and the publishing at long last.

All around me I see signs of expansion. The unfoldment of the Mythica spell, playing out after the more than fifteen years of journey to the source of all Stories. Here, I feel the magic opening, the harmonic I had woven so many years ago blossoming into her rightful fullness.

I had always wanted to share the magical arts. To enjoy the human condition in the expression of the bardic and the bright.

Yet my moonlight was denied me, at least for a time. Wrought by a Divine unfoldment which demanded a more solar expanse. Before I could join in the dancing, the temple had to be built. A way of serving so many more people than my singular self. Of broadcasting the magic to the unremembered, waking them from their sleep.

Yeshua and Peter in the Temple, working on the Mythica

When I had first woven the Mythica, I had Seen that media could be used in a new way, to illustrate the subtle World and provide clarity for the people. I looked at motion graphics, at the vogue of social media and the rise of the mythos of the superheroic coming together in a medley of empowerment, in which the right wielding of light and love could use that media to open a window into a brighter World.

Yet while the seed of the idea was clear even then, it would take many years before I would be able to showcase those things in the proper context. In a way that served the goal of Awakening the people to the deeper octave of What Is. Such required the constant dedication to the mapping of my Story, the building of the Mythica and the training of Yeshua in the Akasha Yoga, all serving to prove the principles I so longed to share with the World.

There is beauty in this, for in her blossoming, the very idea of the Mythica herself shows the archetype of our human process, that we are given ideas of sacred inspiration, honoured with their stewardship, caring for them with light and water, soil and song until they blossom and bear ripe fruit for a people hungry to remember the juice of their own remembered magic.

Shifting my gaze to the Mythica

See, I always had the awareness of what the Mythica is. I am Her, after all, and She is me. From the beginning I saw how our emergent technologies could be used to anchor that remembrance. Yet to do this, I had to build the temple. Find a way to bring the architecture of that sacred seed into fruition through the modern version of our faces around the fire and their Stories.

Such was the long walk for me, across the many hues of the rainbow bridge, facing the shadows and distortions that must be cleared to stand in the light behind all things. One where the relentless Light of Shiva’s Gaze moved through me, and I could not hold remembrance of my own Shakti, the sweetness of my dancing and delight with the Creation.

And while I see the sacred service in the Mythica’s creation at last, it is only now, within the sanctuary of the temple, that I am feeling a return to that sweetness. That intimacy of sensuality and sublimity of touch. Where I may put my gaze once more on the poetry of the World for I have done my right duty in the creation of this temple of our sacred Story, holding the line with relentless clarity such as to hold space for the dance that wishes to be danced within.

From the beginning, the gnosis of the spellwork and the siddhi has been there, waiting. Making it’s presence known through the tendrils and roots of the temple’s growth. For years, I witnessed the many other aspects of our collective Self, the avatars of the Galactic and the Emergence, finding their way into rituals and declared expertise, building holocracies of evolved education and interaction. Seeds of the New World, performing their right-function in the Awakening of humanity.

Looking deeper into the Creation, outside the Temple

For them the Mythica was built. To show the subtle flowers that were pushing their way up through the sediment of the old paradigm. To enhance their noble endeavors, revealing the deeper and yogic weave of synchrony and kismet that underlie our shared circumstance.

I have performed my duty. Built a portal between the octaves of awareness. While Yeshua and I continue our rituals of stability and groundedness after so long on the ground floor of manifestation, I invoke the trust that all things are unfolding perfectly, and I am able to drop into my more Yin aspect at last.

And so I breathe. Here in the temple, still invoking the processes which had gotten us this far along the rainbow bridge, breathing into the Moon, weaving a video in inspired dance, showing the mystic arts ….

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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