2019-2-11 – Paths of the Mythica

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I shift the pattern over the night, cultivating the energies through my root and upwards. In the morning, I feel it, a sense of vitality, of life-force flowing through my form. Within, I feel the threads of my subtle body, the energies around the lower chakras more mended through my right discipline.

After years of embodying the solar aspect of affirmative manifestation, my body aches to relax, to have deep and needed rest, these patterns of the root healed at last.

In the subtle fields, I can taste the energies shared with Lotus the day before, her appearance a reminder for me that these more feminine practices of receiving are the proper stance for my current Now, the balance to my aspect of Divine masculinity.

It is a very visceral distinction. A clarity on feeling-tones within the body that I perceive as relative to our manifestation.

As I continue to do the Yin practices of assumption manifestation with the intention to ground into the temple and continue broadcasting the Mythica from an easeful space, Yeshua offers to weave the spells on the early adopter video.

I appreciate Yeshua so much. He is so pure. His intent so clarified. Again I recognize the great honour I have been given to help mentor and be mentored in shared space with such an excellent personage.

Consenting, and go for a walk, dropping deeper into the energies.

As I do, walking barefoot towards the Hana highway, a new idea comes to me ,to video my journal across the realms, publishing that along my Quest. Hence, the video on top of this post.

This journal entry from the Quest represents a new level of spellcraft. One where the form of Storytelling through video blossomed within, and I was able to make a video “from the field” in a new way.

The Path seen through the Mythica

This is signficant, and a sign of expansion. The seed of the spell to open a portal to the real magical World started with my photos. Over the course of her blossoming, she evolved into a journaling of the Quest, using the photos to document the akasha. From there, videos arrived, first clunky and raw, then the graphic novel of the Storybooks, all within the manifestation of the online temple. Now, as we step into the next level of documenting the Quest, this new form arrives, a proof of the growth of the living idea.

We are all part of the mystical World

In this form of telling, the video can show the chronology of the adventure while this text below can then lead Readers throughout the site to such pages as the physics of the quest, the rainbow bridge, and the akasha, helping the Reader to deepen their own understanding of the journey into the real magical World.

Such is the clarified manifestation of the Mythica spell, to create a portal to the real heroic adventure for the World. Like all aspects of this real-life documentation of the heroic journey and the maps of our myth, the telling is constantly growing, becoming smoother and more integrated, opening portals of awareness for the Author and the Reader in service to Heaven on Earth.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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