2019-2-13 – D-DAY

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Facing the Day

Morning Meditations

It’s D-day. Time to Deliver for the Divine.

Today we must, with no exceptions, publish out the ask for donations to ground the Mythica into the Earth so that we may have the basic grounding to deliver on the teachings.

Countless times now Yeshua and I have had circular conversations on how to present the content. Do we present ourselves as Authors of the magical World, do we present ourselves as guides to Akasha Yoga, do we do this, do we do that. It feels a constant divination and agitation on my nervous system, one which demands action to resolve it’s disquiet.

It is not that I doubt the Value, nor that I am unwilling to offer the service ot transformation. It is a thing of my own inner question, of hearing the bright guidance of what to do next to bring the Mythica to the World.

Just yesterday, the entry-point of ‘school of magic’ shifted into ‘the heroic landscape’, which, quite honestly, felt more deliverable to people who understand Joseph Campbell’s work with the heroic journey even if they have not embraced their own inherent magic and Divinity.

Such are the real challenges of the heroic journey, like stepping onto the stage for the first time, wondering if all one’s effort will be received.

The last 48 hours had been shaky, suddenly encountering a new ally who offered their assistance in the 11th hour of our opening in the form of a ‘content incubator’, a way of inviting in Authors to the Mythica and helping them to write their Stories, of creating courses and a curriculum of teaching the nature of the yoga of Story.

It was a fabulous idea, aligned with the concept and delivered with fire and expansion, yet carried with it the negotiation of the ego’s and perceptions of those potential Authors, which was harrowing to my already taxed nervous system.

As I tried to explain, I was met by a fit of pique, yelled at and hung up on without provocation, receiving the play of resolving shadows and projections around an idea of the ‘patriarchy’ and other aspects of the current vogue of cultural memes which did not feel resonant with the way in which I witness my own self in it’s fairness.

In my own brand of innocence such things are so very strange. I have spent years working on my sovereignty, on having my own relationship with the guidance of the Divine. It is a far cry from the ‘culture of counsel’, where beings insist upon their own acumen with little regard for the negotiation of entry into each other’s Worlds.

For the record, it is not that I disregard the wisdom of others. At my core, I recognize us all as carriers of our own codes, our own sacred offering of balance for the emergent World.

Yet in ‘counsel culture’ I often witness beings in a juvenility of entry, still moving through the as-yet-unprocessed shadows in their perspective, insisting on being received with no sense of the protocol of invitation, both insisting on their concept of what is and pulling away emotionally the moment their ‘gift’ is not perceived to be received.

It does not FEEL balanced. It is not unconditional. And I have seen it many, many times in the avatars of this resolving Age, all learning what it means to truly embody the ideals of Love, Listening and shared expansion across the shadowscapes of our emergent Light.

Regardless, there is deep merit in this. Wisdom beneath the waters. Every-thing and every-one that arrives on the Path is meaningful. Every relationship, thick with the potential for sharing. What was offered to us was quite beautiful, and I was quite thankful, needing only to process this latest shift in the navigate of our movement towards the Commonwealth.

After all, I designed the Mythica to help beings learn the landscape of their sacred Story, and as such, the idea of other Authors is part of that charge. Did Yeshua not appear on the Path as I left the wildlands of the underlands en route to the Commonwealth? Have I not spent the last two years learning how to be a teacher? To deliver the landscape of legend to the people?

My body seizes in response to the thought. I want to help. Yet I do not enjoy negotiating people’s ego or their resolving shadows. I have worked hard to hold a protocol of entry, to navigate my own unconsciousness in our shared journey.

If I am to teach the subtle arts, there must be a common protocol of interaction. A sense of fairness and honour of each other’s boundaries and blessing,

Teaching Balance

Yeshua Lucis

Such is the very essence of the teaching. That which I have forged with Yeshua in the fires of fellowship. Where I do not demand his submission to my ideas nor do I roll over for his every “intuition”. It is a thing of balance, where we come into bright harmony, able to work together in mutual recognition. In so many ways, it feels the refinement for me, the correction to the presumption of ‘counsel culture’, where we walk the fine line of asking and receiving the wisdoms of one another through protocols of considerate entry, walking the soft places of sovereignty and reception in mutual respect.

Peter Fae

There is a feeling to it for me. A subtle energetic which goes on within the space. Counsel culture is odd to me for it presumes wisdom while often (yet not always by any means) lacking awareness of it’s own shadows and egoic constructs influencing perception.

It is a sadness, for my Heart wishes to engage, to help, to be in the flush of it. Yet I have not found many beings to have the actual clarity and discernment, the real knowledge of self to open to in that way.

While I do not discount my own potential unconsciousness, I wield a practice of entry that works with our shared lines of mystery, the place where we do not fully see ourselves or our true motivations.

Such has been core to the process of evolution with Yeshua as my student yet also as my teacher, helping me to respect his viewpoints, his sovereignty, and look at my own entry such that we may forge through the shadows of the underlands TOGETHER, clearing the way for the Love that sits beneath all things to emerge.

Breathing into It

Finding the right Key of Opening, seen in the underlands of the Mythica

In terms of the underlands of our heroic Quest, all these events are significant. The surface manifestation of a vibrational undercurrent that defines our shared evolution. While there is trepidation on how to deliver the Mythica, whether the Key of Opening leads to an incubation of Authors or simply presenting ourselves as explorers of that akashic expanse, I choose to face it.

And so I breathe. Sitting up in the bed, flush in the actualization of the spell conceived so many years ago, a way of documenting the heroic journey across the underlands of the self, of one’s spiritual adventure through the Creation. Of helping the people to see the landscape of their sacred Path.

I do not claim full liberation from my own shadows. Yet for me such things play out as the long-repeated disappointment with the degree of awareness that defines most of the Commonwealth and the desire to simply give my nervous system a rest. Yet regardless of this, we MUST open the gates. One way or another, we must GIVE the Gift of the Mythica such to be recognized by those ready to receive.

I will do it, of course. Whether inner shadows or simply Divine providence has caused the delay, I will offer the Gift of the Mythica to the Word. Today.

Presenting the Map – Live from the Mythica

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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