2019-2-18 – Highway of the Gods

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With an extra $20 to my name, I feel an urge to go see ‘Glass’, the latest installment from M. Night Shamalayan’s super heroic universe, about his three main characters being questioned in a psychiatric institution as to the idea that they have ‘super powers’.

Like all films of that timbre, such things are portals to me, ways of drawing strength and mana from the vibrations of which they are made, following the aka threads to the modern mythos of the siddhic arts.

I am concerned, for a moment, that I am being foolish, in leaving my work for the day to pay my tithe to the temple of Story. Nonetheless something draws me forward, and I commit to the intention, sending out an invocation that I am picked up by the perfect person to get to the film.

As I reach the Hana highway, a car pulls up behind me, and I am given a ride by a lovely Celtic avatar who kindly shows me the tattoos she has on her inner wrists. Not for the first time, I recognize the consistency of Celtic incarnates appearing on my Path, and tell her so, giving her one of the Mythica cards to learn more about the real magical World.

Walking the Road

After the initial lift, I walk on the road for some time, patiently holding the intention constant within my being. After a while, a truck pulls over, which turns out to be driven by Mike, the avatar whom Yeshua and I had met multiple times on the Quest throughout Paia.

Mike and I had been in an ongoing conversation over the nature of free will, in which I had felt an underlying energetic movement, a sharing of the codes of light which moved through us both playing out. I had explained that I saw ‘free will’ in a very particular way due to the unfoldment of my Path, yet before this moment, it had not felt resonant between us.

As we drove through Paia, my awareness opened and clarified, and I was able to express how I perceived that there was a moment in our timelines when we had access, and when that threshold was passed, we *then* had the opportunity to make a choice, yet before that moment, we were defined by the very nature of unconsciousness.

In the fields below, I felt things resolving. I bowed to him, and he to me, and in that shared humility, the tension, however slight, dissolved.

I feel the energies open.

“We’re having a gathering” he tells me. “A sacred medicine journey. You’re welcome to join us tomorrow night.”

I smile. “That’s awesome. It makes sense why we intersected then.”

Part of Mike’s magic is a deep relationship with the deva of the plant kingdom, which he puts together as supplements for the people. In his graciousness, he allows me a sample, for which I am deeply grateful, for there is potency in his Art. A sense of ancient Kingship and alchemical excellence within the substrata of the akasha. His is a majesty well-deepened into the physical World, as I can see by his radiant health and strength. As is my practice when encountering avatars of the Collective who embody my own learning, I bow deeply and appreciate him. He feels it. In the fields below, I sense the space open even more.

“I will definitely come to that.” I say. “May I bring Yeshua as well?”

“Of course.”

This is a beautiful thing, for both Yeshua and I had desired a connection with the plant medicines, to go deeper into our own clearing and realignment, and thus have deeper manifestation of a more heavenly Earth. As I witness his appearance in the field, it is a proof, yet again, of the physics of the quest, the underlying principles of manifestation and Story which underlie ALL our heroic journeys across the realms of the Mythica.

The Perfect Ride

Standing near the Parking Lot of the Gods, I continue to hold the invocation, that I am granted a ride to the temple of Story that plays out on the surface as a movie theatre by 4:00.

As I do this, a truck pulls over, revealing Randy Pisano, the ally I had met in 2016 at the Elixart bar in Grass Valley, California, and then again at Mana foods. Of all the people that could have arrived.

It is so perfect to intersect with Randy, for in the depth of his natural awareness, he can FEEL the essence of what I am bringing through with the Mythica. As it turns out, he’s heading in the direction that I’m going, and is more than willing to bring me to the movies.

There is such a beautiful magic to Randy. A depth of Water and resonance. Like Mike, I see a line of Kings and Magicians stretching out behind him, a flurry of lifetimes in the mystic arts, and Know that we are arriving in synchronicity through this sacred resonance.

“The movies, eh?” he asks. “What are you going to see?”

“Glass. The third installment of a new superhero Universe in the movies.”

“Sounds awesome.”

“It is. It’s … what these movies look like on the surface of perception is just a window into something deeper. This one centers around a trio of super beings who are institutionalized, with a doctor trying to convince them that they’re not super … which they are.”

“Intriguing.” he replies.

Glass movie poster

Such things are very funny to me. Being born with siddhic powers, I’ve always related more deeply to the comic books than to the mundanity of the unremembered paradigm. I believed in them, simply because I was one of them. The nature of my particular Gifts of awareness let me See the deeper octaves of What Is, a talent only further crystallized through my very archetypical journey through magical Academy and then tracking my journey through the Mythica.

To my vantage, I was constantly encountering the other superheroic beings in their current incarnation, possessed of a medley of siddhic virtues and talents, all coming to recognize the Divinity that lay within us all.

“Yah … there’s a lot of us out there” I tell him. “It’s the zeitgeist of the Age, the gradual remembrance that we are so much more than we seem to be on the surface. This movie is just an expression of that larger thing. Why don’t you come with?”

He ponders for a moment. “That … could be a lot of fun.” and joins me for the adventure.

Characters Appearing in Synchronicity

Michael Chad
Randy Pisano

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Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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