2019-2-19 – Medicine Moon

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Worlds unfold in the space between as we share the Mythica with the Akashic angel. The resonance sings deeply, a remembered Song of shared telepathic harmony. I see, through the field of the akasha, our shared arrival across the roots of the World Tree.

It continues to rain, and Jaclyn graciously offers us a lift, that we may make it to the realms of the gathering. It’s a beautiful confluence, and I smile in the knowing that it could only have happened through the synchrony of moments around my journey to the temple of Story to watch ‘Glass’ on the silver screen the day before.

Gates and Guarding

As Jaclyn drops us off and we move towards the ritual, a conflict arises between Yeshua and our host. I sense the tremors through the akasha, tracking them to the resolving Divine Masculine in the collective field, and watch as the diorama plays itself out.

The edges of it are visceral. A sense of unyielding, and thus I resolve to present my position and then surrender to the deeper unfoldment.

Such is not authentic for Yeshua and he walks off, finding his way through the jungle back to the Tiny Temple as I enter the space, consciously invoking the listening to what wishes to emerge through us all.

The God in Me

Invoking the Mushroom Deva

Medicine journeys are hard to describe quickly. They’re deep. Taking on their own forms in accordance with the much larger gravities moving through the akasha. As we entered the space, we moved through intentional breathing to a guided meditation by Joe Dispenza, all the while using the enhancement of the medicine to go deeper. To move more from that yin space of embodied relationship.

As I enter the space, I invoke the intention to give myself the attention and focus that I have often given others, using the fullness of the journey to work through the as-yet-resolving shadows within my own self.

Since the enlightenment and the anchoring of my Aspect into the material World, such journeys occur in a new way. More and more, I live in the identification of myself as the Divine, in which I am having dialogue with my material personality. With Peter. In which the conversations between these aspects of my self are healing the subconscious patterns below.

Such is a thing of bright beauty, for it is the embodiment of the self-care, of the self-love, that I have traveled across the realms to invoke. It is the movement deeper into the realms of Yin, to the grounded moonlight of sensate revelation.

It is in this moment I have conversation with Michael, himself an adept photographer.

“I never say ‘capture'” I tell him. “Rather, I *witness* the people.” emphasizing my point with hand gestures. Of which it feels like to ‘capture’ something as compared to ‘witnessing’ something.

“I feel that. Thank you for that.” he says.

We bow in mutual recognition. It is a beautiful thing.

“You know, I’ve got a camera over there if you want to use it” he says.

A shimmer moves through me then. I have not had opportunity to be in wielding with a professional camera since I had to give mine up in barter to pay the rent at the Magician’s Oasis a year earlier. To have one arrive, relative to the subconscious clearing I engage with the medicine, is significant.

Here, the confluence unveils. The perfection of characters in the synchrony of our meeting which reveals the Mythica. In which we, without contrivance, embody the living archetypes of myth itself.

As the camera comes to me, I perform my sacred function, witnessing the emergence of that memory back to form.

Witnessing the Moon

It is glorious to have a camera in my hand! To be able to witness the people in their unfoldment in the sacredness of the Fire. My fingers grip the camera like an old friend.

Of course things would play out this way, for this is the very nature of the Mythica. That we find ourselves once more in that space of being where we remembered, we bring back into the body the primal freedom that is our birthright. When who we are is seen more clearly in the quickening light.

As I hold her, the gravity of witnessing moves me. I am led outside, heading towards the firelight. Here, I witness a trio in freedom, covered in mud from the Mother. I feel the openness, the prana moving through their forms, rising them higher. Enraptured in the moonlight, their eyes glow with silver before me.

Opened by the spellwork, our mythical selves emerge, and I am blessed to witness the whole of us as a tribe, sitting by the Fire, feeling the wonder of our own opening.

Like all the occurrences within the Mythica, one must arrive at such places on the rainbow road. They must intersect the other aspects of the collective self in the time and space when we Remember.

The magic of the Mythica never ceases to amaze me. How many times I have arrived in perfect synchrony at moments when there is access – when we are the pantheon of our own legend in remembrance.

Here I see the people, Kings and Queens, Travelers and Heroes, arranged around the Fire. Playing their role on the landscape of our legend. As the God-self continues to pour through me, I see again the nature of my sacred witnessing, collecting these pearls of the indric net to show the people the nature of our shared unfoldment.

Suddenly, one of the priestesses by the name of ‘Angel’ yells out ‘Kuuuuuunndddraa!!! I feel You and honour your primalness!!”

I smile. Of course Kundra would be invoked, here by the Fire, her primal Shakti essence a key part of the Awakening. Whether physically present or no, Kundra’s aspect is a grand part of the Mythica.

Characters of the Great Story – Tales around the Fire

By the morning, so much has changed. Clarified. I witness the lens of my self in even deeper clarity, drinking in the feeling of that sacred receiving, of opening the gates of the Mythica to the people as within the temple I am blessed to witness Alec, the avatar of breath that opened the invocation the previous night moving through his practice.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Jaclyn Elizabeth (The Akashic Angel)
Yeshua Lucis – @yeshualucis
Mike –

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Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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