2019-2-23 – Wandering Wisdom

In From the Quest - Peter Fae by Peter Fae

Heading to towne from the temple

I can’t say exactly why I left the temple. A feeling. A sense of synchrony, of something that had to be done.

In the past few days there has been a huge shift, a rearrangement of the matrices of my lens of self and the ways in which the light of Source moves through my vessel. A visceral sense of realignment, in which I see the focus of the Mythica must begin with the World Tree and the Great Story using the adventures of Yeshua and my self as a reference, rather than the other way around.

Making my way to the Hana highway, I cast the invocation that I am picked up by the most appropriate person. A ride soon pulls over, driven by a kind-hearted man working in the hospital industry.

It isn’t a deeply galactic conversation that we share on the way, just simple, human chit-chat. We don’t exist in the same vibrational landscape, crossing paths with only glimmers of recognition of each other’s essence.

Such reminds me once again of the many octaves existing simultaneously here on the Earth plane, and I wonder what shall await me as I make my way into the seaside towne of Paia.

As I stand on the corner, I recognize why I was led to of the temple as I intersect the Jason, the Gratitude Bear, in the streets of Paia. While we have never been deeply close, I have always recognized the Bear’s Kingship, a sense of deep reverence and connection with the Love that underlies all things.

As we talkstory, he shares a great mending within himself regarding relationships. One in which he felt an opening, dissolving the old pattern and allowing space for women more aligned with his age and maturity.

“It was like, once that shifted, all these women who were more appropriate appeared in the field” he says, remarking on the movement from the pattern of engaging with princesses still awaiting their Saturn return to that of a more mature Queenship of companionship.

It is a common understanding amongst the emergence that we live within the hologram of our own resolving impressions. That we must clear and open such that the abundance and prosperity that is our birthright may arrive in our halo of manifestation.

Such reflects my own process deeply, proving once again the physics of the quest as I consider my own longing for a more dignified and matured version of companionship, tracking it’s ache back to the still-resolving tightness around my Heart.

After gathering some foodstuffs for Yeshua back at the temple, I make my way towards the road. I feel a subtle calling, the voice of the aina, whispering through the trees. Deepening my listening, I feel them, tendrils, expressions of something much larger, reflecting back the understanding that we ARE the Tree, the characters of the Great Story, and that through my journeys, I am witnessing the roots of Yggdrasil herself.

The World Tree

Moving on, I repeat the invocation that I am picked up by the most appropriate person. Soon enough, a lovely woman named Patty pulls over.

Like myself, she is from the great city of New York, having made it back to the sacred island after many years on the Eastern coast of the Americas.

We talk as we drive. She tells me of a spiritual publishing company run by a friend of hers on New York, and I consider it a blessing, a movement forward into the realms of promotion and productivity, that I may potentially link with other aspects of publishing World in the effort to help the people Awaken.


She drops me off at the temple. Like showing Scott before, I am honoured to reveal the grand design of Bruce’s inspiration, citing that the temple manifested for us *despite* the lack of resources and support from the majority of the collective, that we had proven the physics of the quest in our journeys and were now ready to share those teachings with the World.

Character Synchronicities from this Episode

Jason Ross (The Gratitude Bear)

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Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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