2019-2-26 – Clearing the Field

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Awakening, I immediately go into the ‘Water’ meditation by Joe Dispenza, breathing into my form. For me, this is a movement into surrender and acceptance, of dissolving the resistance i’ve had to doing the practices necessary in this plane. I deeply appreciate this meditation, for it’s essence is deeply resonant with Akasha Yoga.

Akasha Yoga

Information pours through me as I drop into wielding with the practice. I can feel the movements, the openings through the substance of the akasha, what Dispenza refers to as the ‘quantum field’ of possibility. Not for the first time, I recognize that all techniques are essentially based in the same thing, the transformation of the substance of the self in alignment with the physics of the quest.

I drop into the practice, recognizing the shifting of one’s point-of-reference into the space *around* the self as similar to that of akasha yoga, loosening the grip upon the idea of self and allowing the clearer pattern flow through the matrix of my being. As Dispenza speaks, he suggests asking the Divine for a sign, an unexpected sign that proves one made contact, that inspires one to go further into the process. I’m open, dropping deeper into the surrender to the necessity of practice.

As we continue to work throughout the day, that sign appears, in the form of a dividend check from a bank account I have barely touched. It isn’t about the amount of money. It’s about the fact that money, prosperity in all forms from Love to Recognition and more, are what I have been working towards. Having the check appear was, to me, the *perfect* sign for my unique circumstance, yet another sign of the physics of the Quest.

This represents a major movement for me. Often I remark to Yeshua the peculiar nature of my life purpose, that I came here with pre-built siddhic awareness, and on a certain level understand ALL practices, ALL forms from that numinous base of direct perception. Yet as part of my seva to the human condition, I have had to go through the nature of ‘being human’ like everyone else, meaning my access to those virtues was inconstant, demanding that I do the process along with everyone else, a thing that has given me genuine humility, despite the longstanding grievance i’ve had with the necessity of practice.

Yet practice I must. Despite the Shivic knowledge that passes through my avatar, I am required to actually DO the practices on the regular, constantly refining the field of my awareness such to manifest my way into a more heavenly Earth. In this way, Yeshua, with his many lifetimes of embodiment as a monk and a sadhu, holds keys to my own remembrance. Such creates the sacred mutual bowing to one another which defines the akasha yogas, clearing the way for all of us to manifest the much brighter World of our birthright.

Following the Synchronicities

There is no food, yet we discover $28 between us. Making the decision to leave the temple, we head towards Veg-out in Haiku, trusting the winds of synchronicity to grant us a ride.

Heading down to the roadway we invoke the spell that we are picked up by the perfect person. After some time, a man pulls over, and takes us directly to where we want to go.

It’s a beautiful thing. In every way, we are both feeling our energies clarifying. Crystallizing. Where the access is opening across the board. Such is the nature of the process, the movement towards a more heavenly Earth across the Mythica. In perfect synchrony, before we even have to conjure or set an intention, we are met by an ally, Shelby, first met at the Paia Bay Coffee Shoppe, appearing in the field.

She offers us a ride back.

“You’ve got to come see the temple” we say. “You’ll love it.”

She grins. It is good to feel her out to the work environment. Tones of Earth, of Hearth and Home radiate through her in the akasha. I can sense the lioness within her, and tell her so. She responds with a knowing smile.

As we get back to the temple, I’m inspired to invite her up to the upper area, where, beautifully, Story and Song emerge. Here, in the sanctified harmonics of the space, I feel us shifting, moving deeper into the realms of the Mythica together. Inspired, Yeshua and I create music together, the words arriving naturally in reverence for the gravity of the sharing.

This too is a sign of opening. The bardic is dear to both Yeshua and I. Part of our diligence in the Mythica is to create a space for that Story and Song, for the many Stories of the World to be heard. It is not for nothing the Mythica is called a temple of Story.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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