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In From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis by Yeshua Lucis

Peter and I emerge from the jungle brush, leaving the cape of mandala gardens for the coastal town of Paia.

Arriving to the road we invoke that we will be picked by the right person, soon after catching a ride to a fruit stand, miles from our destination.

Here I share with him a recent entry I did, about my movement from the mundane to the magical world, how this has played out across the timeline of my Awakening.

“Its so valorous.” He says, “You embody that for all the lives you’re meant to touch.”

“I see now that’s why I was born into the conditions I was. Its like I’m writing in my origins, I was born magical, with starseed consciousness and expanded perceptions, awareness of the Aina, but then I got conditioned and forgot. My whole journey has been about finding my home.”

“We share this. It just played out differently for me.” He replies. “It was more like a raw overwhelm that clarified over time to create the Akasha Yoga and the witnessing of the Mythica.”I appreciate our relationship so deeply. Traveling with a seasoned ambassador of Gaia. Its so archetypically appropriate. Just the medicine I needed arrived through his form to faciliate my conscious evolution. Its like I realized as we were hitching the other day. When I met Peter, I recieved the light codes of Faerie and the magical world, opening me up to the deeper realms and helping me liberate from the traditions of old and integrate that into direct relationship with the altar of the Aina.

Soon after, a couple arrives as we hold the tone of being picked up. We jump in the back to make the last stretch. There’s an immediate sense of Aloha between us all.

A deep magic unfolds between Peter and the woman. An opening, a healing, an anchoring of gravity around the locus of his Avatar, as the he brings awareness to the underlying energies, and their resolve.

She is on such a valiant mission, having been led to the Aina to recieve clearing through a number of emissaries of the land and energy healing. It was a proof of the physics of the Quest, that we are led to be right where we are meant to be, when we’re meant to be there.

Arriving to Paia, we step out into a expanded sense of movement across the Akasha of space-time between positions of consciousness, realms of being reflected in the unfolding play of cause and effect.

“It’s the galactic overtone. The movement between the starscape.” Peter says, as we arrive to Mana for some nourishment on the Quest. We approach a vessel of transformation, appropriate to the shape of the waters of the Akasha so the message may come through Peter.

Making our way to the park side, I scent the circus, looking across the way to see a group of people gathered sharing juggling, poi and music, the ways kind and free. We come and join.

“It started with a wish, didn’t it?” I say to Peter, with a smile, referring to the Mythica.

“Its true. One I made in the lightning, years ago.”

I look over a line of trees, seeing a young elvish looking man with long golden hair. Sensing the shared resonance, I make my way to him, sharing a deep opening into witnessing us as extensions of the world tree. Here I encounter Seth Leharra, who kindly witnesses me on the path and we share an expansion. Here, she helps him with the marketing of his crystal jewelry. As I look at his work, I can feel the weavings of intent in subtle planes, of focused love moving though the Aina from his form taking shape as the jewelry.

“Wow!” She says, “You such a star seed beam of light! I’m so grateful I was led here.”

As we all arrive in confluence, the shared threads unveil a pattern between us all, each sharing the movement back to the Garden. Our meeting is so meaningful, the shared resonance and recognition that Leharra and I had, of us as elvish starseeds, and the connection that caused us all to intersect.

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Peter arrives to proper form, falling to the gravity. Healing opens between him and Leharra.

A space of myth and sharing unveils, as I follow a sudden inspiration to share photos from my journey through the faerie greenlands of Oregon, threads bounce from Faerie Worlds festival, to Wynden Keep, Living Well and beyond, the characters of bards and priestesses in modern form brought to life for my audience through word and imagery.

At mana, I encounter Natural once again, just returned from a Quepasana retreat, alight with the energies of meditation and clearing.

“I’m ready to go deeper with the Mythica and my site,” He says with a smile. Its perfect, him showing up now.

Here, I share my own realizations from a Vipassana retreat I did in 2014, that the patterns within, they call sanskara, are the same as our karma, the patterns that repeat in our life circumstance, and are intrinsically connected to our dharma, the purpose of our life. In a dharma talk they did, the guru spoke of how the sanskara are like seeds in our mind, that blossom in the tree of our experience. This is profound, of course, as this is just what we are saying the Mythica.

Returning to the temple, I feel the results of applying the Akasha meditations, of being aware of the sensations within but not attached, clearing while affirming and alignign with the tone of manifestation. I reflect on the results of the divine alignments and signs that have shown up, the manifestation of abundance.

An easement starts to settle in. We truly are supported by a friendly divinity.

To get to this point has required the inner process, of clearing the subsconscious patterns and aligning with the Aina.

As we return to the long driveway down to the Mandala gardens, the land is resplendent with light and I feel open. Like everything is aligning.

In the temple, Peter and I continue to organize the marketing and discern the proper way forward as to be most alinged with the finances needed to secure the temple and present the Mythica to the planet. Clarities come through, the way is being seen.

Soon after, an unexpected visit from Satya, that opens into a deep healing space between her and Peter, as he brings awareness to the subtle underlying energies and guides them to clearing, althewhile bringing divine reminders through of how there is no separation…

Its so beatuiful to witness the virtue of Satya’s heart, the shared goal we all have to bring about a new world. More than ever, I bow to her grace, the qualities of the divine mother that flow thorugh her, and appreciate her kindness, understanding, patience and support of our mission.

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Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening in his tale, “The Seed Within”. He offers sessions of divination and healing, through the power of story mirroring and energetic awareness, learn more here.

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