2019-2-27 – Return to the Parking Lot of the Gods

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Morning Meditations

Passing through the Aina from the Temple

Continuing the invocation of surrender and acceptance of what must be done, I invoke the Dispenza meditation first thing. As I do information pours through the akasha, informing me and clarifying my efforts.

A wave of agitation moves up for a moment as the feeling of questioned value arises. Casting the spell, I shift my awareness to the space of the akasha, separating my self from the previous pattern, and change it, shifting to a new emotional state.

Doing so reminds me, my value is priceless. I have mapped out the weave of our timelines. Created a way of showing the subtleties of the akasha and our timelines. Trained Yeshua and witnessed his powers activate in the process. There is no shame in applying the Dispenza techniques or any others, it does not take from my uniqueness and offering to the people.

Leaving the Mandala Gardens

Once again, we witness the unfolding of the Great Story as we are picked up by travelers with whom we share resonance.

The Siddhi of Story

As we sit in the back of the truck, I sense the energies moving in the front seat churning through the substance of the akasha. I am needed here, I can feel it. To ground out the vibration and remind this noble warrior of the nature of her Path.

What happens next is Major League, in which I feel myself shift into the realm of my siddhic embodiment, and invoke an anchoring, feeling each of the avatars within the field of my awareness.

The wielding affects us all, shifting the tones of the self, such that everyone involved drops into the octave of the Mythica. Here, I am able to communicate to this bright warrior the nature of the jarring of her nervous system that has been her trauma and communicate her sacred challenge to master her own vibrational field and thus embody that remedy for others.

As we speak, she expresses that her service to the aina has led her to a peaceful place, full of Green, where she is being granted lessons by various energetic practitioners to help her to heal herself. Through the substance of the akasha I See her, in the modern myth of her own becoming.

“I understand the trauma” I tell her, feeling her feeling my authentic transmission through the field. “I had to learn the mastery. None of us are exempt from it. I See You. You are Loved.”

Tears come to her eyes. She bows in return, the agitations in her nervous system quieted for the moment, receiving.

Expressing the Realms

After the encounter, Yeshua and I sense the textures of the akasha. We are deeply in the Mythica. Deeply in the clarity and discernment of the textures of our selves in this aspect. A flush of information downloads on how to present the realms to the people, helping them to see the landscape of their legend and the road to Heaven on Earth.

Return to the Parking Lot of the Gods

Disembarking from our ride and flush with the energies of the Opening, we make our way to the Parking Lot of the Gods.

“I smell circus” Yeshua says as we approach, and spy a group of youths training themselves in the free arts, spinning and opening with Song and Dance.

A little bit away from the youths, Yeshua is casting something. I can feel the vibrations moving across the akasha. Near him, a woman is filming him. Drawn by the vibrations, I wander over. It turns out she’s a professional blogger, and is stunned by our appearance here.

I look at her through the akasha. A seer, and a fae, moving through her current incarnation. To my surprise, (and clearly a sign of the actualization of the Dispenza technique), she Recognizes both Yeshua and I, yet another avatar drawn to the Parking Lot of the Gods.

Angels of the Akasha

Making our way back to Mana foods, we encounter a number of avatars connected to the unfoldment, once more proving the laws of resonance and the physics of the quest. Here, we are witnessed in alignment with Jaclyn the Akashic Angel, sharing the tones of the sacred skill of divining the substance of the Akasha for the people.

The Song of Satya

Yeshua drawing on the Aina

Flush with mana from the Opening in the Parking Lot of the Gods, we return to the temples cape, feeling the Grace of the aina all around us.

As we had agreed, we jump into discussion on how to present the Akasha Yoga to the World and honour the rent on the temple. All around us I sense opening, the application of the Dispenza and Akasha techniques shifting the inner and outer tones of our manifestation.

Dan Walsh, avatar of Music

I am sitting at the computer when suddenly $100 appears in my account, sent spontaneously by Dan Walsh, fulfilling his own sacred mission in New York. Surprised and elated by yet *another* sign of financial abundance and a clear response from the Universe through application of the Dispenza technique, I inquire through the Facebook what prompted him to send such energy our way.

“I just felt it.” He replies. “I got a download to send you some money.”

Yes. This is the proof of the process. The showing of the physics of the quest, of manifestation at it’s core across the field of our collective consciousness.

As we work diligently on the presentation, Satya appears in the field. What follows next is nothing short of epic …

Characters Appearing in this Episode
Yeshua Lucis – @yeshualucis
Jaclyn (The Akashic Angel)
Satya Douglas
Dan Walsh

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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