2019-2-4 – Angels Aligned

In From the Quest - Peter Fae by Peter Fae

I feel the expansion as soon as I rise. The grounding into the Earth plane. Awakening, I go outside, feeling the energies of the land, invoking the spell of earthing.

As I do, a pair of videos emerges, further detailing the magic and the ways in which we tell Stories in the Mythica. During the last movement of a video showing the passage of mana through the consciousness, I receive a series of voice messages from a former lover.

This does not surprise me. There had been a resolution brewing, playing it’s way out across the timbres of the akasha. We had agreed to weave the Mythica spell together, and there had been deep wavering of commitment which had created waves. Deeper still, the currents between us where muddy. I could sense misperception in the field.

As I listen to the message, she informs that she had a dream in which she was deeply thanking me for the Gifts we shared and that she was complete with what she felt we had embodied for each other.

The Akashic Compass

Listening, I felt inside for my authentic response, witnessing my body relax. As I scanned it, I too felt a sense of completion, of gaining the Gift that she represented. In my compass of the akasha, I felt myself leaving behind unneeded patterns, and moving deeper into the fields of prosperity.

Such is deeply meaningful to me, for we had shared deep significance together. Being fully transparent, I had been tremendously agitated with the distortions between us. I had felt unseen, my value unappreciated. Words had been given and action left undone. Rather than a flow, it felt like ice in the waters through the akasha, distorting the view of what was.

That this would happen just as the Mythica was opening her gates was deep with meaning. The expression of a branching of Paths, in which our natural authenticities brought us to new realms.

I wished there to be a deeper harmony. Yet I had done everything I knew to do. With the feeling of that gnosis, it no longer mattered. I was in the victory, and I knew it. I had proven everything I wanted to prove, and was bringing the Seva of my Story to the people. Delivering the magic.

Roots and Stems of the World Tree

The aina speaks to me as I walk, drawing my attention. My attention moves to a wall of green, of spiraling roots and upstanding trees, and receive a vision. The World Tree unveils her petals, and I see once more the maps of our myth embodied in the land.

Images move across my mindseye. Palettes of sensation and reference. I see the shape of our Stories, the endless cycle of becoming on the world stage. A sense of completeness comes over me regarding my former lover, our roots no longer entwined in the delivery of our shared Gifts.

I continue down the road, sensing my way towards the sensation of the ocean beyond the trees. My plan is to make it to the main road, then walk alongside it and return to the temple.

Reaching the street, I discover I have arrived by the ‘Jaws’ roadside market. It is here, in perfect synchronicity, that I encounter Natural, my fellow angel in the akasha.

After the walk through the aina, the synchrony of meeting Natural in this place rings with high vibration. To my left, I notice a pair of wings appearing in Divine inspiration, and pose for the sacred moment.

That we would meet in the Now, just as the temple of the Mythica is opening her gates, here on the island is deeply meaningful.

As we talk, it becomes clear that Natural needs a place to share his voice. To present his offerings and receive the recognition of his value.

“It’s been hard” he says.

I tell him I know. That I really, deeply know. Meeting each others eyes, he feels it. A wave of compassion and resonance moves between us, and I feel the structure of both our selves open even more.

The field with Natural seen from the Mythica

Led to help him create his presence online within the temple of the Mythica, I offer Natural to come to the earthen temple we are even now generating the funds to ground into the World.

As he brings me, he asks if we have internet. “Super-fast ethernet” I say, seeing the unfoldment of our avatars meeting in this moment and the movement back to the temple in it’s mythical undercurrent, angels aligned for the opening portals of the New World.

I love being around avatars like Natural, for there are so deeply tuned into the emergent field. Here, we can discuss the substance of ideas more clearly, for the parties involved share a visceral discernment of the textures moving through the field of the akasha.

“The Mythica is the surface expression of something much deeper.” I tell him. “She is a portal, opening the gates of the magical World to the people across the octaves of perception. Using Stories to open the way.”

“Yessai” he says, glowing across the Mythica with angelic light. “I feel you.”

And he does. Visions of the realms move across my mindseye. I see Natural’s reception of the Mythica’s revelation as a proof of our movement deeper into the realms of grounded prosperity, able to deliver the Gift to the people in a digestible way. It is a beautiful thing.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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