2019-2-6 Balance of the Spheres

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While I’m in a deep crucible of creating the opening video of the Seed Within, Peter returns to the temple with Natural, an emissary of Peace, Love and Unity, having encountered him in synchronicity on his walk out from the jungle fringes to a nearby cafe. Its perfect, further unveiling of the Great Story that connects us all. 

We give him sanctuary to work his ministrations for the day, as he hosts the daily streamings of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Summit, a creation of our ally Destiny Fae.

Its beautiful, seeing us all intersect here again, far and away from the realms of the Dream Weavers Sanctuary and the Awakening Sovereignty Collective that I first encountered him in in Crestone. A sacred gaze descends through me, revealing that each of us is moved around in a perfect divine unfoldment to serve something much greater than our individual selves.

I end up riding with him into Paia to meet Astaria Lupuna, a traveling avatar of Kambo, a shamanic toad medicine, led here to share her healing with the community. Just recently she had arrived in the field accompanied by the shifting tones of the Aina, sharing a resonance across the Akasha through the internet. A primordial sense of the mycelium intelligence that connects us beneath the surface of the world came upon me.

Angels of the Aina Align

Astaria Lupuna

At the cafe, I continue to connect with other avatars of the emergence through the internet, such as Ava, a fellow warrior of the light, noticing that as I align with my Gift, that I am encountering others more in resonance with my octave of being. Astaria arrives soon after, carrying a similar angelic aura that I sense immediately.

“Some call me Kambo Kali. I wasn’t initiated into serving kambo by a teacher or tradition, the spirit of the frog itself told me.”

“The direct communion is the way.” I say, reverent towards her relationship with Nature, “We and the land are one, after all.”

Her presence carries the gravity of the shamanic, I bow as the textures of my being open more to those realms in the shared radiance. Such is the Akasha Yoga I’ve been learning.

“We are both definitely celestials.” I say with a smile, as she agrees.

Encounters of the Elvish

On the way to Mana foods, we encounter an old friend of hers she met at Beloved festival, Ryan Herrygers.

Joining us on an adventure to the beach, we sit by the shore and open sacred space to share story and song. I scent a familiar undercurrent, one that I’ve felt many atime amidst the gypsies and the Fae. It inspires me to pull a magical storybook out from my inventory, recounting the tale of my journey through Faerie Worlds.

“I was there!” He exclaims, pulling out a video of the opening ceremony to show me, where I see Peter Fae wander across the field.

Bardic realms of Faerie

He pulls out his wooden flute and begins to play Celtic tunes, reminding me of the avalonian bards of Oregon. The realms flicker across my mind’s eye. Checking my akashic compass, I sense the landscape of the Mythica that connects us all.

We discover that each of us was in Oregon before we came to the islands. The story that connects us all opens a bit wider.

“I’m definitely an elf.” I say, with a smile.

“As am I!” He replies.

“I’m more of a forest faerie.” Astaria says.

Astaria and I rest on the beach that night, finding shelter underneath the stars in the trees that hug the shores of the ocean.

Footsteps on the Stars

In the morning, a luminal space opens between us she shares some of her mythos, “I am Astaria. A star walker.” She shows me a tatoo of a star on the bottom of her foot. Her celestial lineage unwinds as constellations of consciousness speak through her.

“I was shown that I am here as a leader of Aquarius, to aid the transition into the new paradigm.” She says.

“We share this purpose. I am moved by Shiva, as is Peter, a different side to the Kali expression.”



“Part of my function is to initiate.” She shares of me her deep journeys into the shamanic jungles and her relationship with the healing forces that live in those realms, revealing more of how she came to be an emissary of its medicines.

Returning to the Cafe

“I’m a royal.” Astaria says, with a twinkle in her eye.

“As am I.”

“We’re the true kind. It’s not about status.”

“It’s that which goes beyond those surface forms, which is the true primal nature. Of alignment with the royalty of our divinity in service to the land.”

Our conversation turns towards that of the clearing of creative energy so that our gifts may emerge more completely. It brings some deep shadows up for me, of which I go on a walk to process. I question, where have I been dispersing my creative energy? Not fully aligned with the flow of life that wants to come through me?

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A raging ocean of frustration begins to churn within me, accompanied by a cacophony of thoughts. Anger towards the community, for advice without consent, for offerings of no real support in blood and marrow, for flippant behavior based on comfort over real devotion. I work back to ‘Pono, tracing silhouettes of disappointment with the touch of forgiveness, breathing through discomfort to come back to grace.

These thoughts and emotions are patterns across the subtle space of the Akasha, requiring mindfulness to clear and not be attached to that shape of myself and its associations. Its all connected. It relates back to a sense of support, of feeling like I can fully embrace my creativity and be received. I trace the sense of fear within myself, forgiving and letting go.

The sign appears on the path in perfect form, reflecting a divine reminder.  I reassert, breathing into gratitude and feeling the textures of the Aina wash over me, adjusting my inner asana to treat my life as a miracle.

Returning to the cafe new inspirations of how to market open to me in confluence, not without constant vibrational readjustment and steadfast focus. Its quite a challenge to hold course.

We encounter Madhav, who happens to be on his way to the same medicine ashram as Astaria, having heard of her approach yet not even knowing he was talking to her as he spoke of it. A divine alignment of circumstance revealing more of the Great Story that connects us all.

Parting ways with Astaria, I catch a bus to a nearby town and walk through the night back towards the temple. A woman stops in front of me outstretching her arms.

“I’m Yeshua.”

“I’m Mary J.”

“Mary has many faces.” I say with a smile.

We stop by a wall carved with a Ying Yang.

She points to my power center. “Its this, the spark of life.” I feel a flash of energy opens, reminding me of my divine purpose. “It’s what you forget, sometimes.”

“Yes, and I see that everyone is going through that. The opening and closing of the lotus of our awareness. You know, that is why I named my story the Seed Within, was to remind me of that very thing. I saw that I was drifting, and did that to help me anchor.”

Passing the Temple of Peace

Its a long walk back to Mandala Gardens, leading me through the darkness and across backroads, walking the edges where the grey touches the green. The rains begin, and with it arises all this muck in my being to be washed away.

What is it?! What is my greatest learning? 

How to love it. To marry the light of clarity with the waters of love. Its such a challenge, to face the ripples of unresolved resentments flashing across the temple of my body. With every step, I invoke forgiveness in pouring rain, breathing back to ‘pono. Knowing this to be the way to greater access.

Washing out in the torrent, the wilderness of my spirit opens. I allow the path to take me, to step beyond what was and align with what wants to come through. Through arduous effort and applied practice, it all clears and opens as I approach my tent by the temple, exhausted.

Crossing this sign on that last stretch of road, I know it to be divine affirmation, as the Quest continues…

About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening in his tale, “The Seed Within”. He offers sessions of divination and healing, through the power of story mirroring and energetic awareness, learn more here.

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