2019-2-7 – Presence in Paia

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One never knows what will happen on the journey deeper into the Mythica.

It has been beautiful to have a sanctuary at last where we may broadcast the Mythica. That it happened in accordance with the online temple crystallizing into view was an act of pure magic.

Morning contemplations

With five days remaining, I wonder what technique I must do to align with the manifestation of the remaining $1,500 required to rent the space. As I do, a tightness pulls at my chest and belly, and I breathe, relaxing into the moment with a quick invocation of gratitude and trust.

There is a beautiful humility in this. While a part of my Aspect feels the perfection of the unfoldment, another, the very human part resolving those deep trenches within the subtle body, goes through it’s process. Consciously, I open, invoking compassion to ease the transition.

James Vogel

Yet what to do now? Feeling the textures, I receive an intuition to call Vogel, to see where he’s at on his own epic Quest.

James is a deep brother. An ally who stood with me at the beginning of the Quest so many years ago when we both lived in New York in 2002.

I had received the call to adventure from the Universe, initiating the heroic journey which would lead me to study magic at the Academy and to map my way across the realms of the akasha, opening a window into the Mythica for the people.

FLASHBACK – 2012 – Reunion of the Fairytale Brigade

In 2012 I had returned, re-encountering James in the city and doing exactly what I had promised to do, bringing back the magic to provide example for him and the people. Such was actually one of my favorite tales of the Mythica. A reflection on the Quest I called ‘The Temple of Story‘.

In our conversations, he mentioned an ally of his named Dan who was involved in the fictitious ‘Harry Potter’ films who could be resonant with our sacred offering.

I actually found this incredibly funny. In the films Dan played the role of coming into the magical World from the non-magical one. This, of course, was the very reason I built the Mythica. To help people step from the mundane to the mystical through the power of Story.

I consider, how beautiful it would be if life imitated art in this way, if we were ordained to be allies in the great Awakening. If aligned, I could show him, much like Newt from the films, the real magical World.

Feeling into the idea, I sense the akasha beneath. There could be resonance. To see if we are aligned, I create a video with Yeshua offering Dan invitation into the Mythica as a potential ally within the Commonwealth.

Soon after, Yeshua and I process his latest experiences. He had gone on a journey, hitchhiking his way across the island, and had visited many realms across the akasha, many quite removed from the octave in which we existed.

Here, he was seeing the results of the applied akasha yoga, a revelation into the nature of our many Stories and the genesis of their manifestation.

Drawn to Paia

Soon after, Marina, one of the beautiful ladies stying at the Mandala Gardens, tells me she is heading to Paia. That if I wish, I can catch a ride with her into towne. After some inner considerations, I agree.

Autumn Sky Morrison

I’m honestly not sure why I am led to grab the ride into Paia, only that i’m meant to do something.

Follow the scent of that intuition, I wander about the towne, landing in a local eatery. Here, I run into Autumn Sky Morrison in perfect synchronicity, one of my fellow avatars of the New World, whose visionary artworks already opened portals for people across the planet.

‘Of course’ I think. Once again my purpose reveals itself through the process. I have always been drawn to intersect a certain octave of beings in the web of synchrony that underlies all things. Thus am I led on the rainbow road to intersect with other characters of the Great Story.

Autumn Sky Morrison

Once we intersect, the energy dissipates, and I feel a calling to the oceans. To the aina, hearing the voice of the Goddess.

The Wonder of Water

Flush with inspiration, I return to the beach that gave us sanctuary so many nights. Opening the space in harmony with her, I walk barefoot along beach. Feeling the aina of the sand. In the akasha, I sense a shifting, a refinement in the way I am to present the offering of our Stories to the World. A closer wielding to what is appropriate in this Age. As I do, I give a moment of thanks to avatar Amateo Ra, whose comments inspired my reconsideration.

Practing a new casting of the spell, I create a video, intended to describe the value of the Mythica to the people, witnessing the play of sensations along my form as I work the magic.

Standing by the Ocean

I deepen. As I do, the viscera of my subtle body rises to focus. Thoughts regarding the temple rise within my mindseye, and I track them, finding the place in my body that holds their disquiet.

The Ocean calls me then. The voice of the Aina, herself. Heeding the call, I make my way down to the edge.

All magic is about shifting the structure of our subtle and causal body. Underneath all the techniques and traditions, it is this – You are changing one thing into another, and witnessing the effect it has on your conditions.

As I stand, I feel into the substance of my self, softening my angle of approach. I sense the water, the quality of pulling away and coming forward, and align it with the sensations in my body, working intentionally to clear what I perceive as the knots and questions underlying my relationship with receiving the recognition and revenue to continue renting the temple.

Moving the energies through the Mythica

As I do, the feeling within shifts, and I sense a movement into the realms of forgiveness. Following the gravity, I shift my stance accordingly, adjusting the asana, and begin invoking forgiveness of my self in the form of beings who begin appearing across my mindseye. This goes on for awhile before the energy shifts again, and I begin broadcasting the feeling of assumption, of living within the temple and delivering on the Gift of the Mythica with ease.

This too moves through me, and I find myself walking onward, listening to the voice of the aina. Here, a quality of listening emerges, of feeling that which the Goddess wishes to give me. Of dropping into in a manner of receiving. The deva call to me, and I bow to the elements in loving alliance.

The Paia Bay Coffee Shop

Intuition pulls me again, this time back to the towne, to the Paia Bay Coffee Shop.

As an avatar of Story, I deeply love gathering-places. Places where Stories are told and adventurers meet for epic Quests. In the Mythica, such occur as nexuses of energy, entwinements of many threadlines through the skein of the akasha pulsing with radiant light.

Many times have I scrawled my journal through the Mythica from such a place. Now is no exception. There is a magic in the tavern, a whispering in the wood. Here, the Stories echo, dancing with each other on the wind.

Beneath the hum and the people, there is a resonance. Of bits and pieces of tales told, hinting at something larger. At the Great Story which links us all together.

I sit down in the corner. Here I meet Megan and Kelly in the corner, and share talkstory about the mystical World., discussing their Path.

I share with them the magic of the Mythica, practicing my ‘pitch’. My way of explaining what we are doing. Such is a constant refinement. A way of presenting the magic that they can digest.

“We are proving the nature of the magic through our Stories” I tell them. “Using our adventures as a portal to the real magical World.”

Across the table, I feel the resonance landing. The idea being heard more clearly. Noting it, I adjust my inner asana, the better to cast the presentation to the people.

Time moves. I feel the Earth turning away from the Sun. Wishing to secure a ride back to the temple in the daylight, I leave, intent on gathering some supplies to share with Yeshua as I return.

Rides and Resonance – The Way Home

Leaving Paia, I cast an invocation, opening myself to the flow. Riding the synchronicities is a big part of the magic, where one does their best to maintain their stance and right-purposing on the Path.

As I begin walking, I stick out my thumb. Within, I cast the spell, ‘May I be picked up by the most appropriate person’

Kim of the Goat Clan

Within a few minutes, a woman pulls over. She smiles, and I get into the truck.

“How far are you going?” she asks.
“Holokai road”
“Mmm .. I can take you as far as the Haiku community center”

I agree, thanking her for the ride. As I settle in, she opens talkstory with me.

“So interesting” she says. “I was just moving through towne, and thinking, ‘wow, all these characters. Like we’re all characters in this Story. Thinking, what character am I?”

I smile. “That’s the magic, you know. Recognizing that we are all characters in that Great Story.”

She nods. I feel the space open between us.

She speaks again.

FLASHBACK – The unicorn Belvedere, part of the wizard Oberon’s invocations

“I love goats.” she says.
“I love Stories.” I reply. This is not the strangest thing I’ve heard on the Quest.

“They’re just so cute and amazing.”
“So are Stories.”

She explains how she loves being a goat-mama. Raising them, loving them. I can tell. On her neck she wears a symbol declaring herself a goat-mama.

I tell her about my wizard ally Oberon Ravenheart, who had researched the legend of the unicorn and discovered a process by which one could bind the horns of a young goat and change their whole morphic signature, creating a unicorn. Just one of the many fantastic beasts encountered on the journey deeper into the Mythica.

Allies Arrive

Kim drops me off. Smiling, I walk out to the road, casting the invocation again that I be picked up by the most appropriate person. Within moments, a car pulls over, driven by Shelly, the lovely woman who lives just behind the tiny temple at the Mandala Gardens. Such is a ride directly to my doorstep, and could not be more perfect.

As I enter the temple, I share the foodstuffs I’d gathered with Yeshua. Such is the true brotherhood, the fellowship upon the Quest. We had been demanded to the heights of shared resource and resonance, and it had shown. True fellowship radiated between us, fellow travelers on the journey into the magical World.

Yeshua seen through the Mythica

I appreciate him so greatly. To have shown the virtue and valor to join me on the Quest, doing the practices to transform his inner and thus outer reality. As I shift my gaze into the Mythica, I see the array of light all around him, the radiance of his soul’s aspect pouring through the field.

Satsang and Sanctity

Satsang Initiations

A surprise awaits me as I work in the tiny temple. One that truly reveals the physics of the quest and the nature of manifestation. As I work on the Mythica, Satya, the lovely matron of the Mandala Gardens, tells me of a group of friends she has who she’d like me to meet.

As she brings them over, they turn out to be deep seekers and swami’s, beings of conscious intent, and I am led to share with them the Akasha Yoga and my nature as an avatar of Shiva.

We head upstairs, sitting together in an impromptu circle, as I witness the awareness move through me, and I am led to guide everyone through a meditation dissolving the separation. Such feels appropriate, the nature of my service to the people, arriving in the perfect moment.

This is an initiation for me. On the causal levels of the akasha, I witness that all things arrive in right timing. That when it is appropriate, the right characters occur and we engage in what must happen. As I witness myself holding space, sitting with these fine avatars, I bow humbly, expressing the truth – that it is through their arrival that I am inspired to give the Gift, to share the awareness.

As this happens in the late hours, such reminds me again of the perfection of the unfoldment, the how’s and why’s of our synchronicity and relationship to each other’s Awakening.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Autumn Sky Morrison
Yeshua Lucis – @yeshualucis
Satya Douglas
Daniel Divine
James Vogel – @jamesvogel

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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