2019-3-1 Fields of Prayer

In From the Quest - Yeshua Lucis by Yeshua Lucis

Wondering where the right passageway through to secure the rent for the temple is and how to have more connection with the community, Peter and I continue the inner clearing, intent on making our journeywalk deeper into the realms of redeemed abundance and expanded fellowship.

A clarity on the science of the process is being clarified through us as the Akasha Yoga, which we discuss within the walls of the tiny temple. How to best be in alignment with that which wishes to come through us, to be conduits for the grace.

We are practicing detaching from the sensations, while clearing the subconscious patterns and aligning with the divine imprint, affirming the qualities of manifestation and holding the tone of the new reality. The actualization of this has been reflected in any number of popular modalities, that all have to do with aligning with our life purpose and manifesting.

Funds come through for us to get food for the days to come in just right timing, and we are about to hitch our way to Paia when we see Victoria. She kindly offers us passage.

In the backseat I see the book the Tenth Insight of the Celestine Prophecy, which I found at the Wynden Keep and read at Living Well. The first book arrived before I answered the call to adventure from the dream I was given to follow the synchronicities unceasingly and be led to a new reality.

It appearing now is fine portent. It speaks about the spiritual adventure and the holding of one’s ‘prayer field’ to travel to this mystical place called Shambala. I take it as a metaphor for the very process that we are doing with Akasha Yoga, holding a particular space of being while we track our movement through the realms to a more heavenly earth.

As I reflect its significance, Victoria resonates, going into how she witnessed herself as connecting deeply with the aspect of the Divine Mother and that quality blossoming through herself in time.

She drops us off in Paia, where we go to Mana to get nourishment for the time to come. There we encounter Kenaniloa, one of the earth angels just moved into Mandala Gardens, who gives us a ride back in perfect timing.

The resonance is such a divine affirmation, especially with the question of what will be. Its a shared recognition of each of us as aspects of the divine, met in respect and fellowship. Its proof of the physics of the Quest.

We share a reflection on a recent interaction in the field of Mandala Garden, regarding bypassing. It has to do with whether we are fully embracing the substance of what is, or disregarding it as an illusion, and how this relates to our manifestations. It can be a way of not fully being grounded in what is and the reality of our current unfoldment through time and space as incarnate divinity.

This style of being doesn’t resonate with any of us, as we are about the very real facing of our way through the incarnate experience, doing the clearing to manifest our divine purpose and bring about the new paradigm.

I reflect from the back the divine alignment of the flow that brought us together.

“I was born divine.” Peter says.

“I know, we share that worldview.” Kenaniloa replies.

“We all are coming to Remember.”

“Its all relative. Its all One.”

The shared harmonic of that relationship with the Oneness is felt throughout the space.

“There is no separation.”

“What do you mean when you say Heaven on Earth?” He asks Peter.

“I witness that in the currents of the water of the Akasha, that we as a collective are sharing a movement to Heaven on Earth.“

Kenaniloa resonates. He has spent much time in isolation with the land, coming to clarify his own relationship with the creation. 

Arriving back to Mandala Gardens, an expansion unfolds into a sense of us on a dharma line of encountering the current Guardians of Gaia. A more dimensional harmonic where its like a dreamspell, things are arriving in an ongoing divination of the unfolding storyline.

Stepping out, the vista of the temple unveils, as we encounter Satya with a small starseed child. A shimmer of grace glides across the space as the aspect of the divine mother appears.

Together we gather, coelescing the harmonic into shared resonance. We’ve shifted realms. Our timelines converged upon the sacred grounds of Mandala Gardens, the current incarnations of the Guardians of Gaia.

We all journey into the temple for Peter has offered to open everyone to a teaching of the Mythica. What a casting. Everything unfolds into a revelation on the nature of the Gift of having a self as our current character in the Great Story of our Awakening, cascading into divine design and how our path is a holographic reflection of our current embodiment. This blossoms up into our shared initiative to bring about a new world, resulting in me sharing our recent video spot and us transitioning into more of storytelling space.

As it all comes to form, I find myself fall the gravity of what’s appropriate, grabbing the camera to witness photos of us within the space, aiming arrows of light to mark my way across the realms. The tone shifts to service, as we share the platform is meant to serve our collective voice, that the very help pages Peter is showing are meant to support our storytelling and teachings online.

Satya offers a highfive, acknowledgementing the depth of the work put into to get to this point. I know we both appreciate it, especially Peter, as he has worked tirelessly to get the archetecture where it is. We couldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for her support and recognition of the value of our mission.

The energy opens in the space between us all, in the shared light of our fellowship the commonality of all our threads is revealed.

We are each a part of the dawn of a new world.

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Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening in his tale, “The Seed Within”. He offers sessions of divination and healing, through the power of story mirroring and energetic awareness, learn more here.

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