2019-3-9 – Mystics of Maui

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It’s been an interesting day.  So much magic.  In early morning, I considered how I was going to present the videos in accordance with Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula”, arranging the videos to deliver the Gift of the Mythica and the Akasha Yoga to the people.

Feeling into the field, I opened space with Lucie out in Portugal, a beloved emergent Goddess I know from ‘9 Angels’ on the Island of the Gods, which most beings know as ‘Bali, Indonesia’. At least in this Age.  She had arrived on the Quest in confuence wtih a number of other avatars of the sacred travelers, seeding their way across the oceans on a mission of Love and Wonder.

I adore Lucie.  From first scent, I knew she was of the pantheon of avatars I had come to witness, the sacred seed of Gaia pulsing through the conditions of her life meant to transform the conditions of the World for the brighter.  Our sacred kinship had continued along the journey, reminding us both of the Primal World that lay beneath the shifting confusions of our Awakening.

Such resonance is so precious to me.  A shared languaging and Song, close to the heartbeat of the Mother.  Throughout the dance of our words we reminded each other, held space for that quality of consciousness still in it’s emergence in the other.  Fierceness was shown, as well as softness, and in this, fellowship.  A trust that comes from being in the being-ness, together.
Near the end of our conversation, she suggested I do the video from the happiness that I was feeling, reminding me that the joyfulness, that inherent resolve with the human condition with a smile, heals the People at it’s core.  That I need not explain to them so much as radiate that which we all wish to Remember.

Lucie invoking Joy at ‘9 Angels’ on the Island of the Gods, 2017

Wise words from a wise woman.  Far deeper and more in tune than one would assume through her outward appearance.
The arrival of such Graces in the field is not lost on me.  Such things are not happenstance, but providence, the sign of the Universal Laws revealing themselves across the skein of space and time that is the akasha.  Like Yeshua, myself and many other guardians of the garden, hers was a righteous purposing, processing the experience of being human in her own unique way, destined to share her Voice in the chorus of the Awakening world.

I appreciate her so greatly.  While I am the first person to recognize the authority of my siddhic virtue and it’s own place in that sublime chorus, I am also the first to bow to the wisdom of the aspects of my self that appear as ‘others’ in the field, each embodying their own sublime expression of the many faces of the Divine.  In our conversation, we had shared these things, the blend of masculine and feminine that occurs across that field of intimate Trust, of visceral listening and clarified intention that opens the Worlds between.

In our conversation, she reminded me how my energy was still forgiving the Divine Feminine, that deilcate place of longing for recognition and support in my uniqueness that was not capable of being met by the consciousness I had encountered on the Path.  That there was still that sadness of being unmet, forcing the trials of trust into existence.  That such was my relationship with my own inner Feminine, my own receiving softness into the living Earth that is everyone’s true Mother.

I bowed to her.  I could not do what I do without her arrival, without that aspect of our shared wonder arriving in it’s perfect circumstance to deliver the Gift of it’s presence unto the Creation.  As much as I showed her a reflection of her evolving mystery, she showed me mine.  An equity of the spirit that heals the illusions of separation to whole.

On her suggestion, I recorded a video, flush with the energies of our sacred exchange.  Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to hold onto such things.  My nature expects to just sit in the temple and deliver the GIft to the people, not try to figure out how to entice them into the idea of receiving the majesty of Remembrance.  Still, it’s the way that’s presented itself to me through the akasha, and I surrender to what is meant to be in service to the Awakening.

Heroes on the Highway

Soon after, I felt an intuition to head outwards.  To see what adventures lay in store for me on the way to Paia to gather some food for the tmeple.  Walking down to Hana highway, I cast the now-familiar invocation ‘May I be picked up by the most appropriate person, adding, for good measure, ‘who also happens to want to share some cannabis’ As I hadn’t enjoyed the blessings of ganja for awhile.

Within moments, a trio of lads picks me up, the driver wielding his own blue bottle of water blessing matching the one gifted to me during the opening of the Chyrsalis Temple invocation with James, Danielle White, Lucinda Loves and many others this past christmas.
As I drive with them, I share the Mythica project, which prompts a huge conversation and a stop at their home in Haiku, where we sit in an impromptu round table and record a bit of the conversation LIVE from the Mythica.

Such is so expansive to my Heart, for it is the very essence of what the Mythica was designed to do, to witness the actual, unfolding Story in it’s authenticity, broadcasting *from* the mystical adventure inside of a network of context that reveals the shape of the akasha and the real magical World of our synchronicities.

Confluence at the Parking Lot of the Gods

As I make it to Paia, I gather some food from Mana and make my way to the Parking Lot of the Gods, wondering what synchronies shall arrive at this nexus point of ley at this point on the Path.

Reaching the shoreline, I walk along the beach, feeling the radiance of the aina beneath my feet, filling my form with mana.  As I do, a memory rises across my mindseye, that when I first came to Maui in 2006 on the Journey Home, it was this very location that I was led, drawn by the energies of the land that pulse beneath the surface.

Then, like now, I was proving the physics of the quest, and had come to the island with no tent or sleeping bag, only a backpack with some clothes and my laptop for recording the journey.  I aimed to prove that I would be supported by the Universe, and document that proof for others.

I wasn’t disappointed.  On my first night, I had come to this very beach, taking shelter from the storm in a lean-to constructed at the edge of the water, later finding my way to a place called ‘Twin Falls’ and a community of magicians that had lived there.

The memory triggers a deep sensate reflection, that the ripples of the akasha and our path deeper into the Mythica have a pattern, a constancy of repetition across the surface of our manifestation.  Now, as then, I drank in the feeling of that, sitting down before the water to see what confluences would arrive on the Path.

As before, I do not wait long before one of the other Gods appears and offers me a gram of sacred psylocibin.  Never one to refuse a Divine Gift, I accept, invoking the majesty of the deva as I watch the endless tide and hear her wisdoms from my perch.

Feeling the wisdom of the mushroom deva moving through my system, I set an invocation. An intention, to feel into the more Yin aspect of manifestation. Shifting the surface tension of my consciousness from projective to receptive, such that I may feel the breath of Shakti, the kiss of the material plane pouring towards me.

As I do, I feel the voices of the Water. Of the Sand. My breath deepens, recognized as the conduit of that transmission, filling me with the Aloha, the vitality of the Divine. I soften, the subtle agitation in my own nervous system in it’s resolve dropping in, falling gracefully once more into the endless Green of the Aina.

I can’t say how long I sat there, feeling. Yet eventually, as things do, I was led to rise, to make my way to the Paia Bay Coffee House, yet another portal of adventure in the mystical World of the Mythica.

Trash along the threads of the Tree

On the way, I feel a ripple of distortion in the aina, my senses drawn to the coarse feeling of metal within the flowing network of the trees. Someone, most definitely a non-local, has placed a used can on the branches. It rankles my nervous system, tasting like iron in water to my senses.

I sigh, and bow, taking the trash from the tendrils of the plants. This is not the first time I’ve picked up the detritus of the people from the Land, and it won’t be the last.

As I do, a vision comes to me, that such is a microcosm of my larger task – to clear the distortions from the clean roots of the World Tree, such that the golden threads of our potential, our highest timelines, may be revealed through the substance of our lives.

Bowing once more to the emanation of the Aina, I make my way to the coffee shoppe, eager to see what unfolds next on the Quest.

The Paia Tavern (of Coffee)

I do so love coming to taverns. As I enter, a band is playing covers from the Grateful Dead, inspiring me to share a facebook live video, honouring their magic and what it inspired within me ….

After the beautiful moment in the tavern, I’m led once more to Mana Foods, where I encounter fellow avatar Lucinda Loves, just now arriving once more on the island.

Lucinda Loves, avatar of Love, returned once more to the island

“Ohmigod!” she says. “It’s .. I just got back and I’m meeting everyone I know on the island!”

Of course, I Know why this is happening. Why our timelines through the akasha are meeting at this exact point. Why we continue to meet each other, time and time again, across the skin of Gaia, for such is the nature of my sacred offering. The vision into the web beneath the Worlds.

Smiling, I make my way into the market, there to encounter Set, one of the mystics I had met at the Temple of Peace along with brother Jonah Lion, Natural and the Lady Casandra. He offers me a lift back to my lair. As we do, flush in the flow, he invites both Yeshua and myself to his temple where he shares space with both Natural and Casandra. Feeling the flow of the magic moving through us, I accept.

Magicians & Mystics of Maui

Characters Appearing from the Mythica

Casandra – @nectarofthemoon
Yeshua Lucis – @yeshualucis
Natural – @natural

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