2019-4-15 – Coming to Cohesion

In From the Quest - Reflections by Peter Fae

It’s late. So much is moving through the field. I want to be vitally charged to help Bruce in seven hours, yet couldn’t sleep. Too much is moving through me. Vast, vast expansion within the Mythica happening simultaneous with the as-yet-resolving shadows within my self really coming to the surface.

In one sense, I’m incredibly, incredibly inspired and excited. Never before has the clarity been so flush, moving through the substance of the Mythica, self anchored enough into the Earth plane to articulate the teachings.

Entering the realms of Love

I am coming more and more into the realms of self-love, more into the realms of physical rejuvenation after the long journey simply to reach the Commonwealth. At long last, there is the feeling of having consistent access. A cohesion to the Gift that aches to move through both Yeshua and myself.

Just this morning, I remembered to invoke Trust, feeling into that specific set of sensations which grants easement within, where I felt the rootedness, the financial sustenance mixed with the recognition and dissemination of the awareness, coming together. Where I felt enough space within to breathe Love as a visceral emanation into my form. Directly working with Peter’s as-yet-resolving inner patterns.

This is a newfound thing. Gathered from the months we’ve been graced to stay in the tiny temple, where the burns and wearies from the long walk across the Shadowlands of Value has had space and time to soften.

At the same time, it’s been rough.

The human condition is no joke. As the Mythica dials in, and this sense of long-sought easement settles through my form, I’m able to express things that once were too inconstantly seen to manifest into reality. Where the very essence of my writing, the articulation of a clarified and mystical reality, has required the anchoring of my consciousness into the World across a territory of madness and majesty, through the many facets of what it means to ‘be human’.

Such is the Quest. One where I had to build the Mythica, to create a form of anchoring my consciousness. Of navigating through the ever-changing landscape of realms that defined my Story, and in doing so, embodying that healing for the Collective.

The shattering self

Everything starts somewhere. Over the years, I’ve come to see what demanded the Mythica into existence. Both the inner trauma and the majesty that defined the journey.

It was a splintering. A shattering of that subtle sense of self, of cohesion, to shards, requiring healing of which defined my heroic journey across the akasha simply to survive. Where I was required to make my way across the underlands of the akasha simply to survive.

The Divine self

While this was difficult in and of itself, this is also my first incarnation into the Earth plane. I came here as a tabula rasa, a blank slate, free from the impressions and karmas that make up the weave of cause and effect along the akasphere of the material World. I was born with a range of awareness, the natural Siddhi of the deva. One which splintered through the trauma of being human in this Age.

In order to do this, I’ve had to forge my way across the human condition, both from a place of celestial naivete and negotiating the shadow we are all facing here in the incarnate. To make my way back to the Garden across the territories of the akasha.

When I started the journey home in 2002, there was so much chaos. So much madness and agitation. Since then, I have come so far. So very, very far. It has been the proverbial heroic journey, of leaving the ‘ordinary’ World and achieving the Gift, then facing the trials to bring that back to the tribe. To do that, I had to build a way of communicating the Revelation. Of sharing the majesty.

And this meant healing my self. Of walking the rainbow road of becoming, such that I could be the change I wished to see in the World, as Yeshua likes to say.

To be here, in this Now, as difficult as it is, as much as I must now face the addictions and avoidances which were once my allies on the Quest, such a Victory. To have the Mythica? Working and clear? To have ACCESS to the Ideas and enough Remembrance to land at last in the Commonwealth? To come *at last* to a place where I feel safe enough to breathe into Loving my self? Where I have access to the monies and connections to cleanse and clear my physical form?

It is Glory. A treasure of Opening.

It’s been an epic Quest.

There’s a simplicity to it for me, wrought from years of effort to hold onto one particular position or another along the rainbow road. One of survival itself, where my access to the talents or skills required to execute a task, would shift and change, allowing or denying my ability to even remember to do the most basic of things.

Because my sense of self itself would shift, taking the ability to function in the World with it, I had to develop a means of healing. Of tracking my own movement across the many dimensions of the self.

Using the magic of Story to mend my own broken mirror, I created the Mythica as a means of witnessing the golden thread beneath the distortions in my lens of perception, using the photos as breadcrumbs of remembrance, helping me to make my way from the far lands of the Akasha from whence I’d come to meet the rest of the human condition on the shores of the Commonwealth, delivering the Gift.

Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I’ve resented it, I LOVE this. From one angle, to go on a real magical adventure is the fulfillment of Peter’s Heart’s desire, his belief in and devotion to the real World of myth and legend, making his way to the Source of all Stories, the place beyond the forms and fellowships that make up the many threads of the human plane.

Such has been the Journey Home, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Despite the hardships, I get to bring the Gift of the Mythica to the Worlds, to embody a new form of Storytelling, one that honours our grand journey to a more heavenly Earth.

At the same time, it’s tough. It’s been tough being Peter. Where the Quest has demanded the processing of the deepest and most intrinsic Questions that lay within the human condition. Where the treasures of Love and Light were hard-won across decades of heroic initiations, a process which, for all of the real attainments that have given me the ability to create the Mythica, I am still going through, playing my part as ‘Peter Fae’ in the grand unfoldment of cause and effect that makes up the human condition.

As I write this, I am STILL dealing with the resolving coping mechanisms and denial of Life that was Peter’s response to the overwhelm of the thing.

Where despite my many accomplishments, I am only just now becoming clear enough of the immense value, the incredibly beauty and majesty of who Peter Fae is. Of even being able to breathe into giving my own self the Love he deserves, of anchoring my Divine essence through the self. Where I realize that as far as I have come, there are still miles to go before I sleep.

The Grail Cup of Compassion

And so I invoke compassion. For I am certainly not beyond the healing we are all going through. Even as I write this, even amidst the cohesion of the Mythica into a viable form at long last, there is discomfort. There is agitation. There are patterns, there are habits, shadows rising across the mindseye. Where I MUST remember to do the daily practices to change. Where I MUST have forgiveness and compassion when I forget. Where I MUST hold the line of my own inner question when the subtle chemistries of the self dance in Questions and anxiety over the unfoldment.

I am not free from this. Not fully liberated, yet the treasure of discernment is there. One which I use to allay the parts of my self still mending, part and parcel of the Proof of a Friendly Universe and the Physics of the Quest that I designed the Mythica to remember to us all.

And … I am grateful to write this. To be in a place of both confidence and humility, of attainment and aspiration, of resolution and resolve. There is a real humanness to it. To the nature of progression itself. TO be able to EXPRESS the humanity that we share within the context of our resolving Divinity is a privilege.

Simply to be able to write these things, to phrase them through the armature of the Mythica, to have the honour of mentoring and learning from Yeshua, has been the greatest of victories, the blossoming of what was wrought so many years ago when I began the Quest, to publish from the real magical World, spreading the Gift of Awakening to the people.

And so the Quest continues.

About the Author

Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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