2019-4-15 – Stepping into Writing

In From the Quest of Peter Fae by Peter Fae

The energies of writing are just pulsing through. It’s so wonderful, really. To be in the context of publishing my journal of magical adventure, through a network of my own design, facilitating a teaching in which I am paid to be an Author, an Adventurer across the real magical World, providing solution through Story. Illuminating both my own adventures and the much larger Great Story of which we are all a part.

There’s a freedom to it. To the writing itself. The inner sensation of Opening, of Allowing, where the subtle energies of Divine inspiration may move through the vessel of the self unimpeded.

It’s the sweet spot. The activated spot. The “I’m-in-my-bliss-and-power’ spot that’s different and unique for each of us.

I’m actually just stretching into it. This entry, as well as the one before it, are a new territory for me in the akasha. There’s the feeling that, at long last, the armature of the Mythica, the meta-foundational architecture meant to support the mystic journalism of the Authors, is dialed enough such that I can even breathe into this aspect of Creation. Where I have access to the flow of creative inspiration that gives rise to the form of my manifestation.

See, i’ve wanted to write and and present my Story for years. Yet before I could do so, before I could settle into the space within the self where I was even capable of casting the writing spell the way I wanted to, I had to build the Mythica. To go through the healing, through the very real trials and triumphs of the heroic journey, for these very words to be written. Where I was integrated enough to have access to this part of my self.

On a personal level, this has been the clearing of the patterns which had blocked me from my own light. It meant then, as it does now, that I have to do the processes to dissolve the shadows from my own self, the as-yet-undiscovered misalignments with the Divine Love beneath all things such that I can even have ACCESS to my own Gifts.

On an architectural level, this means that Yeshua and I (and other upcoming Authors in Mythica publishing) feel comfortable to express ourselves in our personal journals while *also* presenting a more simplified, hieroglyphic format for the Readers through the timelines and the articles.

It’s a nice balance, one of free expression and a clarity of delivery in simultaneous bloom, all actualized by the sublime architecture of the Mythica herself, the ways in which the threads of the akasha are woven in the subtle planes that express on the surface plane as this media platform. This way, casual Readers get to enjoy the timeline pieces, the Grimoire’s and the Storybooks, while those who are really interested, who want to go deeper, can come into the journals. Into the beautiful exploration into the Author’s authenticities which plays out for me as an Author as my allowing myself to just WRITE. To just express myself, knowing I’ve done my due diligence in presenting a front-end for the people that’s easy to digest.

And this is a beautiful thing. Where the long years of effort, of divining and designing the way in which we would deliver the magic to the Readers, of mending the distortions of Value and Love within our selves through the Shadowlands, all coming to fruit in a blossom of new media, where I may at last breathe into my own writing, in wielding with the stage constructed in service to Story.

Here, I get to Answer the deep Question I had, which was, ‘how shall I present my journey into the magical World in a way that helps the people?’ with the solution that was given to me in vision so many years ago, my own network, one of sovereignty and clarity, that would present not only my viewpoint but that of others as well, all witnessing ourselves into manifestation, adventurers through a changing World of emergent consciousness.

It’s astonishing, really. I designed the Mythica to act as a Remembering device. Using my photos as golden breadcrumbs to lead me back to the state of being when I had access. When I was embodied in my more mythical self. To be in the iteration of that anchoring at last, where I’m able to hear the song of my own narrative voice coming to bear, is so very, very sublime for now, with the armature of the Mythica surrounding me, I may express the vastness of that attainment. I may SHOW the Reader the connections of our synchronicities across the akasphere of the World Tree. I may reveal the techniques of magic and manifestation that Yeshua and I have used to transform our realities, where we may give and receive Value for what we bring to the Commonwealth, rooted and grounded into the web of life on Earth at last.

About the Author

Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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