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I have never been so productive.

With the arrival of Vogel’s energy in the field, I feel parts of me that have lain in waiting coming awake and alive, stripping the olde skins to step into something new and more deliciously transformative. There is a sacred triad that has formed between Yeshua, James and myself which radiates with potency, each of our Paths aligning as part of a much larger and divine fractal, the pattern I had seen twenty years ago when I declared my intention to discover the deep magic and return with it to James on the streets of New York.

In his graciousness, Randy has offered us an entire building he calls ‘the dojo’, a place for us to set up Mythica Publishing, where we are phrasing this new narrative of Divine honourific, where James and I witness Yeshua in his archetype of the young hero, balancing out own self-regard as more experienced and grizzled travelers along the rainbow road.

There is a sense of finally … *finally* being able to step into the graphic novel, into the hyperglyphic languaging of the Mythica, to tell the tale of our many Stories of return to the Garden. Where I clearly see the shape of the Idea that wishes to be born through us all and feel aligned with its transmission.

Here on Randy’s land in the tropical Hana, the breath of the Aina is everywhere, filling my lungs. All around us there is fitness equipment, as the more than two-decade wait to build this new medium with Vogel (and the ever-noble Yeshua) is blossoming.

Things are Good.

Within this there is still challenge. In the vibrant energies of the aina here, I sense how out-of-alignment I have been. While I have gathered so many pieces of the shattered lens of my self back to whole, still there is the necessity of healing.

Rage & Release

Olde angers, resistances, annoyances at the mortal plane and the necessities here, the same repeated arguments of unresolved tensions circle within my mind. There is agitation. There is inner question and judgment. A medley of regrets and strategized forgiveness, of annoyances and forced gratitude, forming a chiaroscuro of emotion, the dark to the light, creating contrast.

Yet things are Good. I look into the underlands of the Mythica through the compass of my mindseye, seeing a beautiful expanse.

With this expanding harmonic, there is the sense that I have, after twenty years of journey, finally gotten to a place in the Akasha where I may share the magic of the Mythica. Where the Promethea-and-Planetary inspired graphic novels may come out, featuring the avatars of the new millennium in a hither fro unseen manner of Storytelling, one that teaches the magic in it’s majesty and humility, where I find myself more and more embodied in my “true Voice”, that aspect of my expression which is simultaneously in recognition of it’s own achievement and humble to that which has yet to be learned. And while there is vast anger rising up in the cleansing soil of Hana, there is also a flickering yet ever-more constant sense of growing easement, a recognition of the agitations within and the grounded manner of moving through them in the material plane.

I find, more and more, that there is a constancy, a sense of what is not-quite-right in my own manner, gradually becoming more and more present as a visceral sense of what-could-be, where the dark thoughts and questioning doubts which have required the upmost of faith and perseverance are met by the reality of being brought to this sacred land, given a place to rest and work and engage in the healing I feared would never come.

It has definitely been a long road. An uncharted jaunt through the dark woods of the self, bringing back the magical treasures meant to help the people. Such is a bright victory for me, recognizing once again the perfection of the timing of inspiration, the sense of progression both transcendent-of and intimately connected to the very human unfoldment of the seasons of the life.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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